Friday, January 12, 2018



Owner Of The Van Which Used To Abduct Vidya Arrested And Remanded

Police have arrested the owner of the Van  which use
to abduct the Jaffna school girl Vidya by the accused who were rape and murdered her .

The arrested suspect was sentenced three month imprisonment and ordered to pay Rs.18,000 fine  over the  charges against him after being produced before the Kayts District Court.

The suspect was charged over providing the Van on rental basis to the Killers of Vidya.The arrest of the suspect was delayed as he was in abroad for sometime.



Two Persons Attached To The Customs Were Arrested While Transporting Foreign Liquor Bottles And Cigarettes Illegally

The Special Police Task Force Personal have today
(12)arrested a Customs officer and a driver with 108 foreign liquor bottles and 9000 Foreign Cigarette sticks brought to the country duty free near the Kochchikade Church while tranporting them by a Van owned by Customs Department.

The stock of Foreign Liquor and Cigarette sticks was transporting from Colombo Harbor in purpose of selling them it has been revealed.

According to the Police the two suspects arrested with the stock of Foreign Liquor and Cigarettes wore the official uniform of the Customs at the time of their arrest and higher officials in Customs too involved in this illegal business .

As A Result Of The Rainy Weather Wind Speed In Sea Areas Will Be Increased-Met Department

The Department of Meteorology has issued a special
Weather forcast announcement this evening (12)by stating that the wind speed in sea areas from Puttalam through Colombo to Balapitiya will be increased due to the active cloud system developed in western sea areas.

As a result of the current rainy weather the wind speed of those sea areas will increase upto 70-80 Kilo meters per hour and seas may become rough in those areas in times the Department has stated.

The Navy and fisheries communities are advised to be vigilant over the sea conditions.

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An Indian National Was Arrested With A Stock Of Dangerous Narcotic

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Police Anti Narcotic Bureau Officials have last night(11) arrested an Indian National who brought 220 grammes of one of the dangerous narcotics use in Europe known as "Methamphetamine" illegally to Sri Lanka at Katunayake Airport.

The suspect who had arrived in from Tamil Nadu has hidden the stock of narcotic which is in Crystal form in his luggage it has been revealed.The estimated value of the stock of Narcotic taken in to custody is around Rs.6 million.

Police have believed that the suspect might have brought the stock of Narcotic to distribute among night clubs in the country.

Nine Persons Injured Due To A Road Accident

Image result for accidentNine persons have been injured and hospitalized after the Van they were traveling veering off the road and crashed into a fence and a wall at Divulgaskotuwa area on Dambulle-Kurunagala main road today(12).

The injured were admitted to the Galewela District Hospital for treatment and six of them including three children and three females were later transferred to the Dambulle Hospital for further treatment.

The accident occurred due to the inability of the  Driver to control the speed of the Van it has been revealed.

A Hidden Stock Of Kerala Cannabis Had Recovered In Kayakkuli

Image result for kerala cannabisNavy along with the Police and Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials have recovered 356 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis hidden in Kayakkuli area ,Mannar.

The stock of Kerala Cannabis that recovered was prepared to transport to another place it has been revealed.

No arrests made in this regard and the stock of recovered narcotic was handed over to the Chilawathurai Police for future course of action.


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