Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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Shooter Kills Two Police Officers And A By Stander In Belgium


A Corprol Was Arrested With Cannabis In Possession

A Lance Corprol attaced to the

Saliyapura Gajaba Regiment at Anuradhapura Army Camp has been arrested by a team of Army personal yrsterday(28) with 02 mili grammes in possession at the Army Camp.

The suspected Corprol was handed over to the Anuradhapura Police by the Army police for future course og action .


A 24 Year Old Has Died Due To A Fallen Tree In Diyathalawa

A 24 year old passanger has died and another injured after a Huge pinus tree had fallen  on to a Private Bus they were travelling at Galkanda area near Diyathalawa city few hours ago.

The injured was admitted to the Diyathalawa Hospital.The deceased was a resident of Dambagala,Diyathalawa.

The Bus was travelling from Colombo to Badulla at the time of the accident.Tree falls have been reported from several areas in the island due to tbe strong winds.

Train Delays Reported Due To The Strike Of Technical Personal

Train delays have been reported due to

the on going strike of Railway Technical Services personal according to the Railway Control Room.

However trains are operating as usual control room has stated.

Railway Technical Services  Personal have launched a 48 hour strike this evening by demanding solutions for three service demands.

Ministry Of Transport Cancelled All Leave Of Railway Workers

The Ministry Of Transport had
cancelled all leave of Ralway workers until further notice to avoid passangers being inconvenienced due to the 48 hour strike launched by the Railway Technical persomal since this evening(29).

However the Railway Technical services Trade Unions Committee has decided to go ahead with te strike.

Meanwhile Railway Control Room has announced that all the casual ,Substitute and Contract basis Technical personal attached to the Railways Department should report to their work with immediette effect else they will be treated as vacated from their posts.


An Ayurveda Doctor Was Arrested With Heroin In Possession

Ginigathhena Police have arrested an
Ayurveda Doctor with 250 mili grammes  of Heroin in his possession at Peragahamula in Ginigathhena area this morning(29).

The suspected Ayurveda Doctor who has been identified as a Heroin Addict was arrested while on the way to his house at Peragahamula area according to the Police.

He is due to be produced before the Hatton Magistrate Court.

One Out Of The Six Prisoners Escaped While In Baddegama Magistrate Court Had Been Arrested

Special Police Task Force personal have
today (29)arrested one Prisoner out of the six prisoners who had escaped from the custody of Prison officers while in Baddegama Magistrate Court last evening(28) .

The 21 year old prisoner who had been remanded over a rape case had been  arrested while hiding in his girl friend's house at Ellakanda in Baddegama area.

A search operation is currently underway to arrest other five prisoners who had escaped while preparing to move them to Galle Prison.

Meanwhile the Prisons Department has launched a seperate investigation over the escaping incident of Six prisoners who had been remanded over the charges of house looting,Heroin smuggling ,rape and robbery cases in Baddegama area.The Investigation will be carried out under the supervision of deputy Prison Superintendent of Marara it has been revealed.

Statements have been recorded from the Prison officers who were in charge of tbe escaped prisoners over the incident.


Around 14,000 Comsumers Are Being Affected Due To A Power Failure In Central Hill Areas

Around 14,000 electricity consumers in
Central hill areas have been affected due to a power failure occurred in five areas of the Central Hills this morning(29) as a result of the strong gusty winds blown away since last night (28)according to the reports.

Accordingly power failure occurred in Kundasale,Naula,Dambulla,Theldeniya and Badulla areas and steps are being taken to restore the electricity supply according to the authorities.

Around 14 Line Rooms In Nawalapitiya Had Been Damaged Due To The Strong Winds

Due to the strong winds experienced  last night(28) around 14 line rooms at the Katambulawa Tea Estate in Nawalapitiya area had been damaged as a result of  flowing away the roof sheets of the rooms it has been reported.

Due to this situation more than 50 persons have been displaced and the estate authorities have  moved them temporarily to the near by Tamil collage for safety reasons.

The Department of Meteorology has been predicted that strong gusty winds will be experienced in western slopes of the Central with wind speed up to 50 - 60 kilo meters per hour .The strong winds are likely to continue during next two days as well the Department has stated.



Ocean Infinity's Search Of Malaysian Flight Disappeared Four Years Ago Formally Ended

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A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...