Monday, August 12, 2013

Director General Of Health Services Instructed All Milk Powder/Food Companies To Remove Stocks Of Whey Protein Contained Milk Products From Market

The Director General Of Health Services(DGHS) Dr.Palitha Mahipala has today(12) instructed all the milk powder/food  manufacturers and distributors to remove all the stocks of Milk Powder , High Protein Milk Supplements and food items contains "Whey Protein and Whey Powder with immediate effect until investigations on the said products are over.

At present Medical Research Institute(MRI) in Colombo has conducting an investigations on the  said products to see whether they are contaminated with "Clostredium" Bacteria which entered few batches of infant formula produced by one of the major dairy milk powder companies  in New Zealand through a dirt pipe line.

As Director General Of Health Services Dr.Mahipala has instructed the customs last week to withheld releasing of all imported milk powder stocks from new zealand until the investigations on presence of  clostredium bacteria in milk products concluded, still a large number of super markets and groceries selling those milk products to consumers freely it has been revealed.due to this dr.mahipala strictly advised the milk powder companies and food manufacturers to withdraw all milk powders milk supplements and food items like chocolates,biscuits,toffees,cheese and butter contains whey protein and whey powder with immediate effect.

Also people are advised to check in food labels of Milk Products like Chocolates,Toffees ,Biscuits,Cheese and Butter to see whether they contains whey protein else whey powder.if a product found contains those ingredients people should avoid buying it dr,mahipala has said.

The Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) has conducting an investigations on the presence of DCD Chemical in Milk Powders and Medical Research Institute (MRI) has investigating the presence of bacteria contaminated whey protein in imported milk powder products.

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