Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Health Ministry To Prevent Govt.Docs By Recommending Their Patients Lab Tests From Private Sector?

Health Ministry is to Carried out an Investigation to Identify why the Government Hospital Doctors Recommended their Patients to Get Blood and Urine Tests Done from Private Hospitals when These Tests are Available in Government Hospitals.Even The
Simple Tests like Full Blood Count(FBC),Fasting Blood Suger(FBS) And UFR Urine Tests Which can Done through Government Hospital Path Labs are Recommended to Get Done
from Private Sector Hospital Sources Said.'This is a Big Fault and Will Take
A Necessary Action to Correct it" Says The Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Athula
Kahanda Liyanage.Ministry Will Discuss This Matter with the Government Hospital
Administrators Before Taken a Decision He Further Added.
Patients Who are Getting Treatment From the Government Hospitals Faced Difficulties Due To this situation.

Sri Lankan Air Force Jets Attacked Ten LTTE Targets A Row

Sri Lankan Air Force Jets Attacked Ten LTTE Targets in the Mulativue District This Morning.These Attacks Are proved to be Successful According to the Air Force Sources.

Supreme Court Gave Govt.Till 27th Of January To Respond On Petrol Reduction

Supreme Court To Day(13)gave the Government Time till 27th of January to Respond the Court's Earlier Ruling of Reducing the Petrol Liter TO RS 100.Government Recently Reduced the Petrol Liter To Rs.102 For Three Wheelers and Rs.120 Per Liter for Others.but Government Requested Three Weak Period to Show Causes to the Supreme Court on Price Reduction.

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