Monday, December 10, 2012

Health Ministry Has Freed 28 Personal Who Were Found Guilty For Using Expired Blood Kits

The Ministry Of Health has taken steps to free Twenty Eight members attached to  National Blood Transfusion Center in Colombo including former head of the center Dr.Mrs.Mangalika Bindusara from all charges which they have found guilty regarding issuing of expired Plasma Pherasis and A Pherasis Blood Transfusion Kits for  patients .

The Ministry has taken this decision  according to a  recommendation made by public services commission health ministry sources said.the 28 respondents including a group of doctors were found guilty on issuing of Rs 2.5 million worth  expired blood kits for the patients in the year 2008  through a preliminary investigations carried out by special investigations unit of the Ministry.after examining the report then health ministry secretary Dr.Atula Kahanda Liyanage has suspended all those  found guilty  from their services while referring the report to PSC.

Massive Protest Against Report On Chief Justice

A massive protest  organized by political party members and trade unions  in front of Lipton circus this evening  has caused closing down of several roads in the area.the protest was held to oppose  the report submitted by parliamentary select committee (PSC) against chief justice Dr.Mrs.Shirani Bandaranaike .

The protestors were seen carrying posters stating that through the impeachment motion government has trying to destroy independent judiciary .

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