Friday, January 17, 2014

Annual Midwifery Training For Government Nurses Has Commenced

The annual Midwifery Training for Government Nurses has commenced today(17) at around 18 centers attach to Government Hospitals despite the opposition from Government Midwives Union according to the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) .the training  will be held for one year period PSNU said.

The Midwives attach to Government Hospitals and MOH Offices have launched one day sick note campaign  and a protest campaign in front of the Health Ministry yesterday(16)by opposing the Midwifery Training given to government nurses.the striking midwives numbering 5000 were walked towards the official residence of president mahinada rajapksha the temple trees and conducted a protest there too demanding to stop midwifery training given to nurses.

Meanwhile commenting on midwives demand the president of public services nurses union venerable muruththettuwe ananda thero has said midwifery training has given to nurses since 1886 and midwives have no right to oppose the midwifery training given to the  nurses .

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...