Monday, October 22, 2018




Ministry Of Health Had Requested PSC To Reduce The Height Level Of Nursing Candudates To Facilitate 121 Candidates Who Have Not Qualified For Nurses Training

Ministry of Health had requested an
approval of the Public Service Commission (PSC )to reduce the minimum height required for  121 candidates who had applied for Nurses training  and not qualified as they didn't have the required height recommended by the Nurses Service Ordinance.

As the 121 Candidates does not have the minimum height of 147.3 centi meters recommended by the Ordinance, Deputy Director General of Health Services Donald Morage had sent recommendation to the PSC to reduce the required height for the 121 Candidates who had faced the problem ,to 145 centI meters ,as per the request made by Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

The above Candidates had not been selected for the Nurses Training during an interview conducted  by the Health Ministry due to the height problem it has been revealed.

Two Youth Had Been Arrested With A Haul Of Kerala Cannabis At Kankasanthurai

Sri Lanka Navy have arrested two
youth whilest transporting 151.7 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis from India to Sri Lanka by a Boat at Kankasanthurai sea coast yesterday (22)

Navy Officers had taken into custody the haul of Kerala Cannabis in possession of the suspects stored in four polythene bags and handed over them to Kankasanthurai Police along with the suspects for further investigations .

The suspects who are 29 and 19 year old residents of Jaffna are due to be produced before the Mallakam Magistrate Court today (23).

A Protest Launched By Agunakolapalassa Prison Inmates Had Ended

A group of Prison inmates at
Agunakolapalassa Prison who had launched a protest on top of a Tower located in middle of the  Prison, had ended their protest after discussions with Prison Authorities yesterday (22).

The discussions held between Prison inmates and Matara Prison Superintendent D.C Karunasekare had ended after the  two parties had reached an agreement on the Prisoners demands.

The Prison inmates had launched the protest last Sunday morning (21) against the decision taken by authorities to handover the security of Prison to special Police Task Force Personal.

To control the tense situation occurred due to the Protest, a group of Police officers attached to Prison Police Unit in Colombo had  arrived in Agunakolapalassa Prison as per the request made by Prison Authorities. 

A Person Has Died And Three Others Injured Due To Lightning In Damana

A 45 year old person has died and three
others had been injured and hospitalized due to being struck by lightning at Veheragala ,Damana area in Ampara District yesterday  (23)while engaging in cultivation activities at a Chena it has been reported.

The four injured persons including two females had been admitted to Thottama Hospital where a husband of one of the injured females had succumbed to his injuries on admission .The deceased was a resident of Mahanagapura   area.

The incident occurred as a result of the thunderous heavy showers prevailed in the area.

Meanwhile the Department Of Meteorology has said that more than 100 Mili Meter rain Can be expected in Uva,Sabaragamuwa and Central Provinces during today (23).


"PERA DINA"......



Three Persons Injured Due To A Road Accident

Three Persons Had been injured ,One of
them critically after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in had fallen a precipice around 100 feet deep near Nagasena City on Dayagama -Thalawakale main road last night (21).

The injured had been admitted to LindUla Provincial Hospital and the critically injured had been later transferred to Nuwara Eliya Hospital.

The incident occurred when the Three Wheeler travelling to Thalawakale area.

CID Had Questioned DIG Nalaka De Silva For The Third Day Over Nine Hours

The Criminal Investigations
Department  (CID) officers have today  (22)questioned former Deputy Inspector General Of Police (DIG)attached to Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) Nalaka De Silva over nine hours for the third day , on the allegations levelled against him over conspiring to assasinate President Maithripala Sirisena and Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe .

The Former DIG Nalaka De Silva who had been interdicted by the National Police Commission recently to facilitate the investigations on him ,Had arrived at CID Headquarters in Colombo around 10 a.m today and left the premises after giving statement around 7 p.m it has been revealed.

He was questioned by the CID both last Thursday and Friday around nine hours each over the allegations levelled against him.

The Former DIG is due to appear before CID tomorrow (23)at 9 a.m again for  further questioning.

A German Male Had Been Drowned In Southern Seas

A 35 year old German male had been
drowned whilest bathing in Walwathugoda Sea coastal area in Tangalle last evening (21).

The body of the deceased had been recovered later.

A Sluice Gate Of Upper Kotmale Reservoir Had Been Opened

A sluice gate attached to Upper Kotmale Reservoir had been automatically opened this morning  (22)as a result of the rising water levels of the Reservoir caused due to heavy showers prevailed in surrounding areas last night (21).

The water level of the Upper Kotmale Reservoir is being increased due to the heavy showers in Dayagama and Hortontanna areas it has Been revealed.

Due to this situation authorities have warned the people living in surrounding areas of Upper Kotmale Reservoir to be vigilant over possible floods .

If the rain continues further other sluice gates of Upper Kotmale Reservoir will be opened automatically according to authorities .




President Sirisena Has Donated Rs.1 Million Financial Grant To The Student Who Developed A Rocket

President Maithripala Sirisena has today (22)donated Rs.1 million to Student Gihan Hettiarachchi attached to Bandaranayake Collage in Gampaha who had created a Rocket predicted to be sent around 20 Kilo Meter distance at President's Office this evening  (22)to improve his creative skills .

President has provided the financial grant to the student from Presidents Fund as a promise he has made to the student after observing the Rocket he created during the centenary Clebrations of Bandaranayake Collage, Gampaha recently.

President Sirisena has also promised the student to provide necessary assistance to launch the rocket at that time and as a result, he has called few technical officers attached to Sri Lanka Airforce to the occassion and advised them to help the student to launch the rocket and to develop it further. 

NBRO Named Divisional Secretariets In Four Districts As Landslide Risk Areas

National Building Research
Organization  (NBRO) has named Some divisiomal secratariets of four Districts in the Island ,Kandy,Kurunagala,Matale and Nuwaea-Eliya as Landslide risk areas if the heavy showers prevailing in these areas continue further .

Accordingly Divisional Secretariets of Gangawata korale in Kandy ,Malalpitiya in Kurunagala ,Ukuwela in Matale and Walapane in Nuwara-Eliya are being identified as Landslide risk areas NBRO has said.

Those who are living in mountainous areas in these Divisional Secretariets should be vigilant over Landslide signs it has been announced. 

A Road In Kandy Had Sunk Due To Heavy Showers

A large area of the T.B Thennakoon
Road Infront of High School in Old Peradeniya Road ,Kandy had sunk due to the heavy showers prevailing in Kandy and a new construction work is being carried out by a Tution Class center it has been reported.

As a result the sunken Road had been closed down for traffic .

The Road had sunk from the place where the construction work begun sources Said.

Few houses located above the sunken Road had shown some cracks  according to reports.

Seven Persons Including Six Students Had Been Injured Due To A Road Accident

Seven Persons including six students
and a female Three Wheeler Driver had been injured three of them critically ,and hospitalized after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in fallen down a precipice at ParakaduWa, Ehaliyagoda this morning (22).

The injured had been admitted to the Ratnapura General Hospital it has been revealed.The condition of two students and the 40 year old female Three Wheeler Driver is critical according to sources.

The incident occurred when the Three Wheeler had transported six students to the school.

Ehaliyagoda Police are conducting an investigations on the incident .



All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...