Saturday, August 6, 2016


A Patient At Hambanthota Hospital Had Committed Suicide By Jumping Off A Hospital Building At Hambanthota Hospital

A male patient who was receieving treatment at
the Hambanthota Hospital had committed suicide today (06) by jumping off the third floor of a hospital building according to sources.

The reason behind the suicide of the 55 year old patient from Ambalanthota (Southern Province) area has not yet  been revealed according to the police.

Hambanthota Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

Five Female Tea Pluckers Were Injured And Hospitalized In Maskeliya Due To A Wasp Attack

Five female tea pluckers were injured and admitted to the Maskeliya Hospital this morning due to a wasp attack occured at a tea estate in Maskeliya Area(Up Country).

Out of the five injured two were discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment it has been reported.

The wasp attack was occurred as a result of wasps in a nest  in the tea plantation had been  distue


US Assistant Secretary Of State Charles H Rivkin To Visit Sri Lanka Next Week

The US Assistant Secretary Of State for Economic and Business Affairs Charles H Rivkin is due to visit Sri Lanka from 11th to 12th of August  in view of increasing the trade and investment opportunities  in Sri Lanka according to the sources.

During his visit the US Assistant Secretary Of State is due to meet with Sri Lankan government and business leaders to negotiate on Trade Issues.

The US Assistant Secretary Of State who is due to visit Burma prior to his Sri Lankan  visit  is leading a US State department 's Innovation Road Show  delegation to Burma .

Navy Have Detained 14 Local Fishermen Along With Their Equipment While Illegally Fishing In Northern And Eastern Seas

Sri Lanka Navy Personal had detained 14 local fishermen yesterday (06) while engaging in illegal fishing in the seas off near Chappel Island in Eastern Province and in Iranathivu(Northern Seas).

Accordingly 10 Fishermen were detained in the seas off Near chappal island and 4 fishermen were detained in Iranathivu seas it has been reported.

Along with these fishermen a Dinghy Boat,Traditional Boat Wallam and Two banned monofillament nets have been taken into custody by the Navy.

The two batches of detained local fishermen and their equipment weee handed over to the Trincomalee harbor police and the fisheries inspector in Kilinochchi respectively for future course of action.

Sri Lanka Beat Australia By 229 Runs At Second Test Match Played At Galle

Sri Lanka beat Australia by 229 runs  in the third day of the second Test played  at Galle International Cricket Stadium today.

Sri Lankan Bowler Dilruwan Perera has taken 6 wickets for 70 runs to ensured the victory for Sri Lankan Cricketers this morning.

With this win Sri Lanka currently leads the Murali-Warne  three match Test Series currently underway between Sri Lanka and Australia by 2-0 with only one match to follow.

Scores Sri Lanka ,281 and 237.
Australia 106 and 183.

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