Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Then 300,000 Lives In Sri Lanka Are Suffering From Epilepsy -Professor Ranjani Gamage

There are more than 300,000 Epilepsy patients lives in Sri Lanka at present according to the Neurologist Professor Ranjani Gamage.out of 1000 people here 9 are suffering from epilepsy she has said.

As there is a simple treatment available  that can control the symptoms of epilepsy to a certain extent and for some can be completely cured through that  nowadays ,there's no need to discriminate epileptic  patients in the society Professor Gamage has stressed.

However some people in the society are still trying to discriminate epileptic patients by labeling them as  mental patients else people suffering from a rare deadly disease she has pointed out.

As the Epilepsy Task Force that has been set up to manage epileptic patients in Sri Lanka few years back are working fir the benefit of epileptic patients the society need to realize that epilepsy is a normal disease which is not affect the patient's education,employment ,marriage and child delivery  she has further said.

These facts have been revealed during a media seminar held today(15) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo regarding the public awareness on Epilepsy .

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