Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Drug Mafia Launched A Conspiracy Campaign To Ousted Director General Of Health Services -Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero

Those previous administrators who were punished for involved in fraud activities when importing of drugs to Sri Lanka are trying to influence Health Ministry Administration and getting back to their previous positions again claimed Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero the President Of Public Services Nurses Union and Joint Convener of Health Services Trade Union Federation compromising 21 unions said yesterday(04).

The first step of this conspiracy launched by  previous administrators is the ousting of current Director General Of Health Services (DGHS)Dr.Ajith Mendis who is awaiting another service extension after ending his current term in this August while  Drug Manufacturing Companies,some Trade Union Activists  and Non Governmental Organizations are backing this conspiracy Venerable Muruththetuwe Thero has stressed.He claimed that Dr.Mendis is a honest and dedicated administrator who is serving for the development of Sri Lankan health sector for around 3 decades.

Addressing a special media briefing held at Abayaramaya Temple in Colombo yesterday Muruththetuwe Thero further said that the 21 union Health Services Trade Union Federation will fight against this move of ousting DGHS from this moment ."As an experienced personal in health sector for more than four decades i know who is honest and who is involved in fraud activities  "he stressed.

Speaking at the briefing the joint convener of Trade Union Federation Ravi Kumudesh said that supporting the current DGHS Dr.Mendis who is due to appoint for the post for the third term is a need of the hour as Drug Mafia trying to take control of Health Ministry Administration .The President of Health Services Entomology Assistant Officers Union Najith Sumanasena hasalso addressed the briefing.

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