Friday, December 19, 2008

Lanka Indian Oil To Reduced The Petrol Price From Midnight Today Comply With Supreme Court Order

Lanka Indian Oil Who Owned Substantial Shares In the Sri Lankan Petroleum Industry Decided To Reduce the Price of a Petrol Liter to Rs.100 with the effect from Midnight Today(19) According to the Supreme Court Order.Earlier the Price of a Petrol Liter stood as Rs.122.However Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(CPC) Still Not Reduced their Petrol Prices as the Cabinet not giving Approval to the Supreme Court Order So Far.

Supreme Court Sent It's Order On Petrol Price Reduction To All Parties

Registrar of the Supreme Court says Today (19)that the Copies of the Court Order On Reducing of Petrol Lite To Rs 100 have been sent to All Parties including the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(CPC)and to the Ministry Of Finance.Cabinet which met last night not able to take a decision on reducing the Petrol Price according to the Supreme Court Order saying that they still not received the Copy of the Court Order.Meanwhile Large Queue s have Seen In front of the Fuel Filling Stations Today like in the Previous day due to the Rumors of Petrol Shortage.


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