Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Has Revealed A Planned Attack On Temples

As Police have suspected that an
attempt to attack a Temple may have behind the purchasing of Nine White blouse-skirt kits by three Burka clad females and a male from Giriulla Shop recently ,Venerable  Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero of Bodu Bala Sena Organization who is in remand has revealed last Monday(29) that  an extremists are  attempting  to attack around 50 Buddhist Temples During Wesak season .

Therefore he had requested authorities not to organize Wesak and Poson festivals until this extremism has  defeated completely .

He had made these remarks after attending a court case against him at Homagama Magistrate Court .Galagodaatte Theo has also requested the media personal to come to prison if they want to get more details on the issue .

Venarable Galagodaatte Thero who is the General secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organization has been remanded over defaming Sandya Eknaligoda the wife of missing cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda at the Homagama Magistrate Court premises .

Police Have Arrested A Follower Of Thowheeth Jamaath Organization Leader At Galle Prison

Police have arrested a Person believed
to be a follower of the banned National Thowheeth Jamaath Organization leader Mohommad Zahran Hashim ,who had arrived at Galle Prison to see few of his remanded relatives there yesterday(30).

Police have taken in to custody few posters with Thowheeth Jamaath leader Zahran's photographs and books written in Arabic language  stored in his Motorcycle during an inspection .

The relatives whom he came to see in Prison had been also remanded due to their relationship with Thowheeth Jamaath organization.

Two Indian Nationals Had Been Arrested Without Valid Visas

Welikada Police have arrested two
Indian Nationals who are staying in Sri Lanka illegally without valid visas at Welikada ,Rajagiriya yesterday(30) according to Police Media Spokesman's office.

The suspected Indian Nationals who are 28 and 32 years old are due to be produced before courts  .

Three Bangladeshi Nationals Had Been Arrested Along With Copper Lines And Wires At Haputhale

Haputhale Police have arrested three
Bangladeshi Nationals along with A Lorry they were travelling in and stocks of Copper lines and wires in poseession near the Army Road Block in Haputhale yesterday(30).

The suspects who are attached to a private company in Nawala ,Colombo  had been arrested as they do not possess   the original copies of visas issued to them it has been revealed.

They have arrived in Haputhale for a renovation work of Telecommuni cation posts suspects have told during the questioning. Suspected Bangladeshi Nationals are due to be produced before Bandarawela Magistrate Court.



Colombo Archbishop Returns The Bullet Proof Motor Car Sent To Him By Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe

Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm

Ranjith says he had returned a bullet proof Motor Car along with it's driver given for his protection by the Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe .

Prime Minister Wikramasinghe had sent one out of two Bullet proof Motor Cars  procided  to him by the government  to Cardinal  for his safety yesterday .

However Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has refused  to accept it by saying  god will protect him and  people in this country are the ones who need the security most at this time  .

If the authorities failed to do justice by bringing the culprits who were responsible regarding Easter Sunday bombings, People  will take the law in to their hands He says.

Addressing a Media briefing held in Colombo yesterday(29) Colombo Archbishop has stressed that ongoing investigations regarding the Easter Sunday massacre cannot be trusted .Even the three member committee appointed  by president to probe on the Easter sunday attacks is not successful he said

Meanwhile Archbishp has told the media today (30)whilst attending a  press Briefing In Colombo that the powers given to the Army are not sufficient to combat the Extremists who had launched Easter Sunday Attacks .

Most Wanted Lorry And A Van Regarding Easter Sunday And Kalmunai Attacks Had Recovered

Police have arrested three persons
along with the Lorry EPPX-2399 which believes to be used for Easter Sunday bombings at Sungawila ,Polonnaruwa (North Central Province) today (30).

The three suspects are due to be handed over to the Criminal Invetigations Department(CID)for further questioning .

Meanwhile A Van suspected as transported Persons and bombs to a safe house at "Seindumaridu'area in Kalmunai with the plate number 250-8650 had recovered whilst hiding in a house at Ihala puliyankulama ,Kakirawa and a person who is the owner of the van had been taken in to custody by the police..

The suspect is due to be handed over to "CID" after questioning.

A Motorcyclist Was Arrested Over Parking His Motorcycle And Making A Tense Situation Among Public

A tense situation had occurred due to
an Unattended suspicious Motorcycle which was parked near a shop at Thunkama town in Embilipitiya this morning (30) it has been reported.

After being informed by the residents in  the area ,Police officers attached to Kuttigala Police  have arrived at the scene and upon their request Army bomb defusal squad has made preparations to explode the Motorcycle without an owner.

However suddenly the owner of the Motorcycle had arrived in and Kuttigala Police have arrested him and taken in to custody his Motorcycle as well.

Security forces have earlier requested the Motorists to display  their name and contact details on the vehicle if they are parking the vehicle to go somewhere.

Defense Ministry has announced that a stern action will be taken against those who  are spreading rumors and becomes a threat to National Security. 

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