Friday, July 9, 2010

UN Secretary General Again Urged Sri Lankan Government To Bring Back Normalcy At UN Offices

United Nations Secretary general Ban ki moon again urged to Sri Lankan authorities to bring back  the  situation around UN Offices in Colombo to normal  to ensure the continuation of the UN work in Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan Minister of Housing and Construction Wimal Weerawansha is involved in fast to death campaign in front of the UN Office in Colombo since Thursday morning demanding the abolition of the three member advisory panel appointed by the UN secretary look in to the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

 How ever the UN secretary Moon said that he appointed the three member advisory panel to advise him on Sri Lanka according to the joint statement signed with the SL Government and it is not a panel to investigate on Sri Lanka according to the UN News .

Budget Passed With Majority Votes

The Budget for the year 2010 was passed today at the Parliament with 68 majority votes.139 MP's including of the  opposition United National Party (UNP) MP Abdul Carder voted in favor of the budget 71 Opposition MP's voted against the Budget.

Fasting Minister Weerawansha Sent His Resignation Letter To The President-President Refused To Accept It

Adding fuel to the ongoing drama in front of the UN Office in Colombo, Minister Wimal Weerawansha who is involved in fast to death campaign since yesterday morning sent a letter to the President Mahinda Rajapaksha indicating his resignation from  the Housing and Construction  portfolio.It has been reported that this letter was sent to the President yesterday and  President today refused to accept the Minister weerawansha's resignation letter.

Minister Weerawansha who is also the leader of the National Freedom Front which is an allied party of the Governing coalition began a fast to death campaign yesterday demanding the abolition of the special three member advisory committee appointed by UN Secretary Bank Ki Moon to inquire in to the alleged war crimes leveled against the Sri Lankan Government.Addressing to the media on his campaign Minister weerawansha said he will continue his campaign till abolishing of the above panel and requested from the public and from his fellow cabinet members to join with him.

Meanwhile UN officials in New York says that they are monitoring the situation at the UN Office in Colombo closely.However UN Secretary Moon yesterday shut down the United Nations Development Program me (UNDP) Office in Colombo and recalled it's director and UN Residential Representative here Mr.Niel Buhne to New York.

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...