Thursday, October 21, 2010

Health Ministry To Set Up A Separate Hospital For Adults?

Ministry Of Health is considering to set up a separate Hospital for Adult Patients Acting Health Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has said today.Addressing a Media Seminar on "Oral Health"held at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo he said that the Ministry will either set up a separate Government Hospital for Adults or providing the facilities for  Adult Patients in Government Hospitals for  getting treatment without waiting in queues.

Acting Health Minister made these remarks after a group of Dental Doctors requesting the Minister to set up a separate Hospital for the convenience of Adult Patients.

98 Percent of Sri Lankan Adults Over 60 Years Suffering From Gum Diseases

According to the National Oral Health Survey carried out by the Health Ministry 98 percent of Sri Lankan adults over 60 years of age are found as suffering from  Gum diseases(Periodontal) which can cause the loosing of teeth.Trincomalee and  Jaffna Districts are identified as  worst affected Districts of poor oral health among Adults and the percentage of Gum diseases among  Adults in these areas is 100 percent.

Due to this situation most of these adults cannot feel the taste of food after they loose their teeth according to the Dental Doctors.

Due to  lack of awareness on Oral Health,not having someone to accompany them to the Hospitals,due to the need to wait in a Queues to getting treatment are the reasons behind Adults over 60 years of age refrain from going to a Government Hospital for Dental check up Dr.F.R.C Kanthi has said today.As this years world Oral Health Day's theme is "curable Mouth for Adulthood" it is the duty of every person to accompany the adults to a dental check up at least once a year she further added.

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