Tuesday, November 27, 2018





Minority Government Requested The Speaker Not To Publicise Hanzard Reports

Nine Minority Government MP's and
Appointed Minister's had requested the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya not to publicise the Hanzard Reports of the Parliamentary sessions  held on 14th, 15 th , 16th, 21st  and 23 rd of November as those sessions had not been held according to Constitution, Parliamentary traditions and standing orders.

Parliamentary sessions held on the above mentioned dates were not valid  and accepted  the minority government has stated  Therefore Nine members of Minority government who had sent the letter had requested the Speaker not to publicise the Hanzard Reports.

A copy of  the  letter had been sent to General Secretary of Parliament .

Central Bank To Issue New Coins Of One ,Two ,Five And Ten Rupees

Central Bank Governor Dr.Indrajit
Coomaraswamy has today (27)handed over a cover of  new series of one  Rupee ,Two Rupee ,Five Rupee and Ten Rupee Coins due to be introduced by the Central  bank ,to appointed Premier and Ministers of Economic Affairs Mahinda Rajapakshe at Prime Minister's office in Parliament.

The new series of coins due to be issued to the public through Commercial banks from 03 Rd of December.

The shape of these coins are different and designed with the aim  of long  durability ,easy to carry and easy identification to blind people according to Central Bank Governor.


Parliament Adjourned Until This Thursday (29)

Parliamentary proceedings had been 
adjourned until 10 a.m  this Thursday  ( 29 th of November) short while ago .

Majority of MP's participated in Parliament sessions which begun 1 p.m this evening under the patronage of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya have expressed their views on current political situation of the country and how it affects to public and tourism industry it has been revealed .

Minority government MP's have boycotted the Parliament proceedings today .

Two major proposals are scheduled to be submitted and approved in Parliament on this Thursday it has been announced by the United National Front MP's.

Excavation Work Of Mass Grave In Mannar Has Begun For 106 th Time

Excavation work of the Mass Grave
recovered from Old CWE (Sathosa)building site in Mannar (Northern Province)which was stopped recently, has begun today  (27)for the 106 th time it has been reported .

So far bone parts belonging to 235 human bodies had been recovered from the grave through excavations  and out of them bone parts of 229 bodies had been sealed and stored at Mannar Magistrate Court complex .

Meanwhile Three officers attached to German Embassy in Colombo including German Ambassador are being granted permission to observe excavation work of the Mass Grave  accotding to the orders of Mannar Magistrate Court it has been revealed .

Parliament Session Has Begun Without The Presence Of Minority Government MP's

Parliament session has begun under
the patronage of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya at 1 p.m today (27) although minority Government MP's have decided not to attend the proceedings.

The minority Government MP's have decided to boycott today's parliamentary proceedings during a meeting held under the patronage of their leader appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe at Parliament Complex this noon  citing the speaker is not impartial .

They have decided to take their meals outside the Parliament and request the authorities to charge the money from speaker it has been revealed.

Now the Parliamentary session is underway with the participation of majority of MP's.

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