Thursday, January 29, 2015


Sri Lankans Applying For Dual Citizenship Here To Pay Rs.500,000 Fee-Finance Minister

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake has yesterday (29) announced at Parliament during his presentation of the Interim Budget -2015, that all Sri Lankans who are applying for Dual Citizenship here should pay Rs.500,000 per individual request.All Sri Lankans living in selected countries can apply for the dual citizenship and it will be granted after due evaluation he has said.

Furthermore government has decided to make special provisions for Foreigners who are seeking resident status in Sri Lanka and in a position to invest US Dollars 10 Million in the country.The visa fee for such foreigners is fixed as Rs.2.5 million and all such applications need to be approved through the Defense Ministry.Those who are receiving the resident status need to renew their status for every 5 years the Finance Minister said.

People Have Received Benefits From The Interim Budget

*Salaries of the State Sector Employees Increased by Rs.10,000 

*Prices of 13 Essential Items to be reduced with immediate effect 

*Mahapola Scholarship Allowance  of University Students increased to Rs.5000

*Pensions of State Sector Employees increased by Rs.1000

 *Sri Lankan and Mihin Air Lines to be Merged

*Marriage Registration Fees reduced to Rs.1000 from Rs.5000

*Public Transportation Costs of Senior Citizens to be reduced by 50%

*Money allocated for activities of Presidential Secretariat To be Reduced

 are among the major proposals of the much awaited Interim Budget which was presented today(29) to the Parliament by Finance Minister of the new government Ravi Karaunanayake.

Under the Interim Budget  described  by many as a Peoples friendly Budget  the prices of 13 essential items are due to be reduced with immediate effect.They are  Prices of 400 grams of Milk Powder to be reduced by Rs.61,Sugar By Rs.10 per Killo,Wheet Flour by Rs.12.50 per Killo,Bread by Rs.6,Canned Fish by Rs.50,Coriander By Rs.46 to 20 per per Kilo,Chili  Powder by Rs.25 per Kilo,Sprats by Rs.26 per Kilo,LP Gas by Rs.300 per 12.5 KG (New price will be R.1500),Mung Been by Rs.40 per kilo,Maldive Fish by Rs.200 per Kilo,Turmeric by Rs.100 per kilo,Sustagen Milk Powder by Rs.100 per 400 grams.

The Salaries of the  state sector employees to be increased by Rs.10,000 (By Rs.5000 from February this year and by Rs.5000 from June)-Private Sector will be encouraged to increase the salaries of their employees by Rs.2500..

Among other proposals in the Interim Budget are as follows

*Imposing Rs.1000 Million Tax on Casinos
 *Reducing the Import Tax imposed on Vehicles with less than 1000cc Engine capacity,

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