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Don't let your children drink wine with a meal: Report says it is a myth that letting under-14s have alcohol with food prevents bingeing

Middle-class parents are risking their children’s health by allowing under-14s to have alcohol with meals, experts warn today.
Those who drink in adolescence tend to do worse at school, are more likely to become alcoholic adults and have shorter life expectancy, evidence suggests

Educated people and those with professional jobs are far more likely to let youngsters drink. They believe this will help prevent them binge-drinking as they grow older.
But this is a myth, says a report by researchers from University College London.

Those who drink in adolescence tend to do worse at school, are more likely to become alcoholic adults and have shorter life expectancy, evidence suggests.

Report lead author Professor Jennifer Maggs said: ‘Parents of socially advantaged children may believe that allowing children to drink will teach them responsible use or may in fact inoculate them against dangerous drinking.
‘However, there is little research to support these ideas.’
Researchers analyses data from a study that tracked 10,000 British children born in 2001.
When they were 14, the children were asked whether they had drunk alcohol and, in a separate interview, their parents were asked whether they had allowed their child to drink.
Overall, 17 per cent of parents said they had allowed their child to drink, while 50 per cent of the teenagers said they had consumed alcohol – with or without their parents’ permission.
But parents’ views differed widely according to their social, professional and educational standing.
Parents with ‘routine’ or ‘semi-routine’ jobs were 43 per cent more likely to allow their child to drink before the age of 14 than those who were unemployed.
Those who drink in adolescence tend to do worse at school, are more likely to become alcoholic adults and have shorter life expectancy, evidence suggests
Those with ‘managerial’ and ‘professional’ jobs were 66 per cent more likely and those who ran a business or were self-employed were 82 per cent more likely.
For every additional stage of education a parent had completed, from GCSE to A-level to undergraduate degree to postgraduate degree, they were 10 per cent more likely to let a child drink, says the research, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.
Professor Maggs said many families believe encouraging ‘responsible’ consumption at a young age will stop irresponsible drinking later – with many citing France, where alcohol laws are more liberal but there is less public drinking.
‘That is a myth,’ she said. ‘Street drinking is more of a problem in the UK than Europe, but heavy drinking at home is still a problem.’
Katherine Brown, chief executive of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, said: ‘The Chief Medical Officer recommends that an alcohol-free childhood is best, with children not drinking any alcohol before the age of 15.
‘This is important guidance because alcohol can harm children given their bodies and brains are not yet fully developed. It is worrying to see that this advice may not be getting across to parents, who are trying to do their best to teach their children about alcohol.’
Dr Richard Piper, chief executive of Alcohol Research UK, said: ‘While parents may feel that giving their children small amounts of alcohol may help them develop a healthier relationship with alcohol, evidence suggests that this is not the case.’(Daily Mail)




Around 10%Of The Local Government Body Election Candidates Do Not Have National ID's-Elections Commission

Around 10% of the candidates who were handed over
the applications for the forthcoming Local government Election do not have a national identity card according to the chairman of the Elections Commission  Mahinda Deshapriya.

The Elections Commission is due to issue temporary Identity Cards for those candidates from 02nd of January he has stated.

A Polythene Recycling Factory Has Been Established In Mundalama

A polythene recycling factory has been established in
Mangalaeliya area of Mundalama to recycle the Polythene waste of Puttalama District.

Through the Factory it has been expected to recycle the 200 tonnes of Polythene waste collected in the District monthly and to make new Polythene sheets,Polythene Bags ,Baskets and Plastic Equipment the authorities have stated.

This factory aims to solve the enviornmental affects created due to Polythene and Plastic waste of the District.

Kithuluthuwa Villagers Staged A Protest Campaign By Demanding To Protect Them From Wild Elephant Threats

Around 300 residents of Kithuluthuwa village in 
Habarana area  ,Polonnaruwa  had staged a protest campaign by blocking the Trincomalee-Colombo main road yesterday (26)demanding the authorities to protect their lives and village from wild elephants who are entering their village so often .

The Villagers have stated that the Wild Elephants are entering their village so often  and destroy their crops and houses and due to this lost human lives also.As the authorities have turned a blind eye over the issue Villagers have demanded to protect them and the villagers from Wild Elephant threats.

Due to the Protest the transport activities have been disrupted in the Trincomalee-Colombo road and after the appeal of Habarana Police,the protesters staged their protest in a side of the road it has been reported.

A Person Was Arrested With 16 Kilo Grammes Of Wallapatts

A Police Team attached to a Polgahawela Police Station
have arrested a person with a stock of "Wallapatta" known as " Gyrinops Walla" which use to manufacture , an expensive perfumes weighing 16 Kilo Grammes in his possession at Kendahena forest reserve in Polgahawela area.

The suspect who is a resident of Kendahena in Matikumbura area is due to be produced before the Polgahawela Magistrate Court.

Nine Suspects Arrested And Remanded Over The Killing Of Tusker "Dalaputtuwa" Were Further Remanded

The nine suspects arrested and remanded over the
killing of Galgamuwe "Dala Puttuwa" tusker had been further remanded until 09th of January next year by the Mahawa Additional Magistrate this morning (26).

 Three rural development officers (Grama Seva Niladari)and a police Constabal are among the suspects that were further remanded over the killing of Dala Puttuwa.

Mahawa Additional Magistrate Rasika Mallawaarachchi had instructed the officials to send a fire arm believed to be used to kill Dala Puttuwa to Government analyst on further investigations.

Meanwhile the body parts of the Dala Puttuwa have
Been ordered to send to  the Gene Tech institute for a "DNA "test by the Additional Magistrate.


How Flying Seriously Messes With Your Mind

'Rocket Man' lands in Seoul


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Around 20 Tea Estate Workers Have Been Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Image result for waspAround 20 Tea Estate Workers attached to the Bogawana Tea Estate in Bagawanthalawa  have been injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp attack this morning(26).

The injured were admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Provincial Hospital for treatment .Six of the injured were left the hospital after treatment and 14 others including 12 females still remains in the Hospital it has been reported.

A Two Minute Silence Observed For Tsunami Victims In 2004 This Morning

Related imageA two minutes of silence had been observed throughout the island from 9.25 a.m to 9.27 a.m this morning(26) to commemorate those who were killed due to the deadly Tsunami hit Sri Lanka on 26th of December 2004 .

To commemorate the Tsunami Victims a large number of Religious activities including "Bodhi Pujas " were held throughout the day in various places and Temples in the Island it has been reported.

Two Persons Have Drowned In Sea Area At Katuneriya

Image result for drownedTwo persons have drowned while bathing in the seas of Katuneriya in Marawila last night(25) it has been reported.

The bodies of the two deceased persons had been recovered and they have been identified as residents of Katuneriya,Marawila of the ages 47 and 35 years old.

Marawila Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

Meanwhile the Department of Meteorology has earlier announced that the sea areas from North  to East ,North Western up to the South will be rough time to time with strong winds .

A Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Train In Awissawella

Image result for train sri lankaA person was killed after colliding with a Train travelling from  Awissawella to  Colombo this morning(26) near the General Cemetery at Awissawella.

The identity of the deceased has  not yet been revealed and his body had sent to the Awissawella Hospital.

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How Sri Lanka successfully curtailed the corona virus pandemic