Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foreign-Bird Flu Spreads In 14 European Countries


A Young Female Given The Fake Call To Police Emergancy Line And Made A Bomb Fear?-Police

A young female had given the call to Police Emergancy
Unit number 119 on Monday(26) night stating there was a suspicious parcel believed to be a bomb in a compartment of Colombo-Badulle Night Mail Train to avoid his boy friend from travelling in the train to his village to marry another girl it has been revealed during preliminary police investigations according to Police.

Police are conducting further investigations on the incident which caused tense situation at Colombo Fort Railway Station in last Monday night due to a bomb fear and delayed the departure of colombo-Badulle train around two and half hours.

Authorities have thoroughly checked the train with the assistance of Special Police Task Force Personal,Bomb Squad and Sniffer Dogs following the telephone call received to the emergancy line.

FDA Suggests Limit On Lead In Lipstick And Other Cosmetics


Police Constable Was Arrested For Taking A Bribe From A Farmer At Galnawa

Bribery Commission Officials have arrested a police
constable attached to Galnawa Police who had taken Rs.1500 from a farmer as a bribe at a Bus Stand in Galnawa area (North Central Province).

Police Constable has taken the bribe from the farmer to avoid taking legal action against him who was  responsible for violating road traffic regulations.

Hatton Police Arrested A Fake PHI From Hatton

Hatton Police have arrested a fake public health
inspector (PHI) yesterday (26) at Hatton area as per an information received from a restuarent owner in the area.

The suspect who is a resident of Bogawanthalawa  going for raids carry out in shops,canteens and eateries in Hatton and find lapses of them and demanding  bribes from shops/Canteens/eateries owners  to avoid taking legal action against them according to police.

Former Sri Lankan Sprint Queen Susanthika Jayasinghe Hospitalized

The former Sri Lankan Sprint Queen and only
Olympic silver medalist Susanthika Jayasinghe has been admitted to Diyathalawa Hospital(Upcountry) today (27) in suspicion of contacting Dengue.

She is currently receiving treatment at Intensive Care unit (ICU) of the Hospital it has been reported.

What Are Heart Failure,Heart Attack And Cardiac Arrest?


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Bone Marrow Transplant Surgeries To Be Performed In Kandy Hospital Free Of Charge-Health Minister

Image result for bone marrow transplant surgeryThe Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery  which begun in  Maharagama-Apeksha(Cancer) Hospital this month will be  introduced to the Kandy Teaching Hospital too in near future according to the Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

The expensive Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery  begun in Maharagama ,Apeksha Hospital early this month and the Health Ministry has been allocated Rs.18 million per Transplant Surgery as the facility  provided to the patients free of charge.


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"Happy Village" Scheme To Be Implemented Throughout The Island From 08th Of January To Eradicate Poverty In The Country

Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine to implement  a scheme call  "Happy Villages" throughout the island with effect from 08th of January 2017 in view of eradicating the Poverty in the country by empowering village  community.

The inauguration of the scheme  is scheduled to be held on 08th of January 2017 at Halkandawila village in Beruwala Divisional Secretariat (Western Province).

The main aim of this scheme is to eradicate the poverty from village level the Ministry has stated.According to the statistics around 90% of the poor people in the country lives in Rural areas.

A special attention will be paid to improve health security of the rural people through this scheme Health Ministry has stated.


the Effects of
High Cholesterol
on the Body

High cholesterol in your blood can interfere with blood flow throughout your body.
Cholesterol travels throughout your body in your bloodstream. Good cholesterol transports bad cholesterol back to the liver. Read more.
It Starts in Your Liver
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Plaque Buildup
Jaw Pain
Blockage in the Brain

The Effects of High Cholesterol on the Body

Our bodies need healthy levels of cholesterol to function. Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by the liver and distributed throughout the body. It allows our bodies to make vitamin D and hormones, and makes up bile acids. We also get less than 25 percent of our body’s cholesterol from the foods we eat, especially animal fats.

High cholesterol means you have a lot more cholesterol in your blood than you need. Most people who have high cholesterol don’t have any obvious symptoms. A simple blood test can tell you if you have high cholesterol. If you do have high cholesterol, dietary changes, exercise, and targeted medications can help lower it and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

A Sixty Year Old Female Was Killed And Four Others Injured Due To An Accident At Haldummulla

Image result for haldummulla roadA sixty year old female was killed and four others of her family were injured and hospitalized following the Car  they were traveling in fallen a 300 foot deep precipice near the Kadireshan Falls at Haldummulla(Upcountry) area today(27) it has been reported.

The injured were admitted to the Diyathalawa Hospital for treatment.The passengers in the car were on the way to Bandarawela from Kaluthara at the time of the accident.

A Person Was Arrested With 2100 Mili Grammes Of Heroin

Image result for arrestedMinuwangoda Police have today(27) arrested a 32 year old person who distributed Narcotic Drugs through a Bicycle with 2100 mili grammes of Heroin at Minuwangoda(Colombo).

The suspect has been identified as a resident of Wagowwa in Minuwangoda area.

Corona Virus- Passangers Leave Diamond Princes Amidst Criticism Of Japan

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