Monday, October 26, 2009

Around 75,000 Families In Two Districts Affected From Severe Drought

Around 75,000 Families at the Monaragala and Hambanthota Districts in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka due to the Severe Drought prevails in the Districts.According to the Local Authorities Around 55,000 Families of the Monaragala and 20,000 Families  in the Hambanthota District are worthily affected.

The Government today appealed from the Donors to supply Water Bowsers,Tanks,PlasticCans and Food Items to help these Families.

President Rajapaksha To Appoint A Committee To Probe US Report On Sri Lanka

President Mahinda Rajapaksha is scheduled to appoint an Independant Committee to study the US Human Rights Report on Sri Lanka handed over to the US Congress recently Minister of Dissaster Managment and Human Rights Mahinda Samarasinha said during a Press Briefing held in Colombo today.

Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry already denied the Charges levelled against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces by the Report and saying that the US Report Makers not able to provide substantiate Evidence to prove the Charges.

Another Twelve Contaminated Injection Vials And Saline Bottle Found From Two Hospitals

Yet another Contaminated Stock of Injection Vials and a Saline Bottle contained a Piece of Plastic were found from Two Government Hospitals today(26).Twelve Injection Vials of Discolored Anti Venom Serum which prescribed for Patients with Snake Bites and two Varieties of Injection Vials prescribed for Chicken Pox Patients were found from Anuradhapura General Hospital of the North Western Province and a Saline Bottle contained  a Piece of Plastic was found from the Ambilipitiya Base Hospital in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

The Batches of contaminated Anti Venom Serum and Chicken Pox Injection Vials were  removed by the Medical Supplies Division soon after they were found and No action is taken for the Batch of Saline Bottles distributed to the Hospitals belongs to the Plastic Piece contained Saline Bottle found today according to the Health Sources.Meanwhile the Government Medical Officers Association said that the recovering of these contaminated Injection Vials along with Four other Contaminated Vials recovered by last week raised a question mark on the quality of the Injection Vials imported for Government Hospitals.

The Ministry Of Health said that the Batches of contaminated Injection Vials were removed from the Hospitals.However the Ministry Officials are not available for comment on the Plastic Piece contained Saline Bottle.