Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Health Ministry Secretary Has Got Caught To The False Alarm Of Opposition MP

The  new Secretary of the Ministry  of Health Mrs.Sudarma Karunaratne along with few health ministry officials had gone  to the medical supplies division (MSD) yesterday (15) evening per a false information received from the United National Parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa stating that a group has trying to rob two vehicle loads of medicine stocked at MSD  and returned to the ministry empty handed it has been reported. 

When the health secretary and the  group of ministry officials went to the MSD premises situated just near the ministry building to seal the vehicles if found that the medicines are going to rob.however they found   that the said vehicles are loading medicine to transport them to the State Pharamceutical Corporation stores and not that  anyone trying to rob the said stock of medicine.

After this incident The Medical Administrators attach to the Health Ministry are due to meet the Health Ministry Secretary withing next few days to advise her  not to trust the information received through out side persons including opposition MP;s and to consult medical administrators of the ministry before taking any action..

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