Thursday, December 15, 2016


Welikada Police Have Arrested A Sub Inspector Attached To Homagama Police

Welikada Police have last night (14)arrested a sub
inspector attached to the Crimes Branch at  Homagama (Colombo) Police in connection with assaulting a female in her house at Nawala,Rajagiriya.

Police have arrested the suspected sub inspector following an information received to 119 emergancy call line on Wednesday night stating the sub inspector who broke into a house at Nawala ,Rajagiriya ,assaulted the female whom he had an affair with earlier.

When police arrived in the house both the sub inspector and  the female were there with bleeding and they were immediatly admitted to the hospital.

The sub inspector who was under the influence of liqour at the time of the arrest is due to produce before the Colombo Fort Magistrate tomorrow(16).

Police Have Arrested A Person Who Had Taken Money From Persons By Promising Them Foreign Employment

Police have today (15) arrested a person who had
taken money from people by promising them employment opportunities at Super Markets in Cyprus at Maradana (Colombo).

The suspect had taken Rs.400,000 each from persons in varios areas in the islsnd including  Badulla,Kandy and Dehiwala (Colombo)by promising them foreign employment it has been revealed.

Police have arrested the suspect following the complaints received from various areas.

Welikada Police Have Arrested 36 Persons In connection With Fraud Activities

Welikada Police have today (15) arrested 36 persons in
connection with fraud activities during a raid carried out at five areas belonging to Welikada Police division(Colombo).

According to the Police Headquarters four Police teams comprising of  Police Officers attached to Welikada Police and special task force had arrested these suspects in connection with keeping heroin and cannabis in their possession and who were on  warrants from Obesekarapura,Arunodaya Mawatha (Road),Madinnagoda,Maligawa Road and Bandaranayakapura areas.

Ministry Of Transport Requested The Public And Civil Organizations To Send Their Ideas And Suggestions On Incrasing Minimum Traffic Violations Fine

transport minnistry sri lanak සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලMinistry Of Transport has requested the public and civil organizations to send their ideas and suggestions on the  proposal to increase the minimum traffic violations fine .

All the  ideas and suggestions regarding the increasing of minimum traffic violations fine should be sent to Secretary,Ministry Of Transport and Civil Aviation,Seventh Floor,Sethsiripaya-stage two,Battaramulla according to the Ministry.

Meanwhile the secretary to the Ministry Of Transport Nihal Somaweera has stated that the Private Bus/Three Wheeler Unions which  launched the recent strike against the fine have already submitted their  ideas and suggestions regarding the increasing of minimum traffic violations fine .


when hugging a friend quote සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල

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Youth Who Was Arrrested And Remanded Over Making Death Threats To President And P.M Through FB Has Further Remanded

remanded සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThe Colombo Additional Magistrate has today(15) further remanded the youth who was arrested and remanded over making death threats to President , Prime Minister and Opposition Leader of the country through Facebook, until 29th of December.

The court refused to accept bail applications submitted by attorneys behalf of the suspect when the case against the suspected youth taken up for hearing today.

By opposing granting bail to the suspect ,Crimes Investigations Department (CID) Officials had informed the court that  the threats made by the suspect were an attempt to assassinate country's leadership .Therefore an investigation should be launched on the seriousness of threats made by suspect CID Officials have stated.

A Youth Was Killed At Southern Expressway Due To A Motor Car Accident

අදාළ රූපයA youth was killed this morning(15) near 60th mile post at Southern Expressway following the motor car he was driving in veered off the road and crashed into the defense fence of Expressway it has been reported.

The youth who was critically injured due to the accident ,admitted to the Elpitiya Base Hospital and he was succumbed to his injuries after admission.

The deceased who was a resident of Morawake area ,driving his car towards Matara at the time of the accident according to Police.

Elpitiya Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Temporary Dock Workers Attached To Magampura Port Ended Their Strike

Image result for magampura harborTemporary Dock workers attached to Magampura Port in Hambanthota (Southern Province)who have launched a strike nine days ago demanding to recruit 480 temporary Dock Workers of the Port to Sri Lanka Ports Authority and stop selling the Magampura Port to a Chinese Company had ended their strike action today(15) and returned to work.

The Port workers ended their strike after  Minister of Ports And Shipping Arjuna Ranathunge has stated that those strikers  who will  not return to work  by 2 p.m today will be considered as leaving their jobs.

Sri Lanka Navy have intervened last Saturday to disperse a group of Port strikers in the Magampura Port as the protestors blocked a Japanese Vehicle carrier from leaving the Port.

Twelve Students Sitting For The G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination Hospitalized Due To Dengue Fever

dengue සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
Twelve Students who are currently sitting for G.C.E Ordianry Level examination had been admitted to the Colombo-IDH Fever Hospital due to Dengue Fever according to the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

Authorities  have taken steps to establish an Examination Center in the Hospital to enable these students to sit for the remaining papers of  G.C.E Ordinary Level examination without any difficulty the  Ministry Of Health has stressed.A team of doctors of IDH Hospital are currently monitoring the situation of the twelve students  suffering from Dengue on daily basis it has been reported.

During this year up to now  47,900 Dengue Patients have been reported throughout the island and 77 died due to the disease according to the National Dengue Control Programee.


Eye Pupils, Unequal



Unequal Pupils (Anisocoria)The pupil is the black center part of the eye. Pupils get larger (dilate) in dim light and smaller (constrict) in bright light. Usually both pupils are about the same size and respond to light equally. Unequal pupil size is called anisocoria.

If pupil sizes are very unequal, a person may notice the discrepancy. More often, unequal pupils are noticed only during a doctor's examination. Unequal pupils themselves usually cause no symptoms, but occasionally a person may have trouble focusing on near objects. Also, the underlying disorder sometimes causes other symptoms such as eye pain and redness, loss of vision, drooping eyelid, double vision, or headache. These more noticeable symptoms are often the reason people seek medical care rather than the unequal pupils.
Unequal Pupils (Anisocoria)
Photo courtesy of Professor H.J. Meyer via the Online Journal of Ophthalmology (


The most common cause of unequal pupils is
  • Physiologic anisocoria
Physiologic anisocoria is pupils that are naturally different in size. No disorder is present. About 20% of people have this lifelong condition, which is considered a normal variation. In such people, both pupils react normally to light and darkness and there are no symptoms.
Less commonly, people have unequal pupils because of
  • Eye disorders
  • Nervous system disorders

Warning signs

In people with unequal pupils, certain symptoms and characteristics are cause for concern. They include
  • Drooping eyelid (ptosis)
  • Double vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Headache or neck pain
  • Eye pain
  • Recent head or eye injury

When to see a doctor

People with warning signs should see a doctor right away. People without warning signs but who have any other symptoms should call the doctor. The doctor can decide how quickly they need to be seen based on their symptoms. People who simply happen to have noticed unequal pupils and feel well can usually wait a week or two to see a doctor.



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