Thursday, January 19, 2017


This artwork never exhibited during Af Klint's life time.

Six Treasure Hunters Arrested in Aralaganwila

Police Special Task Force Personal  have arrested six
persons who were engaging  in excavations in search of a treasure near a reservoir in Aralaganwila area(North Central province) last wednesday.

During the raid Police have taken into custody a water motar and other sacred items used for excavation work.

The suspects are residents of Deaththakandiya,Ampara and Thambuththegama areas it has been revealed,


Saba Adarayata Adarayen Pratichara Dakwanna

Apage pawule samajikayinta,samepathama
yahaluwanta ha langin asuru karana ayata diya haki usasma dayadaya adaraya,senehasa ha rakawaranayay. Kisi witaka eya amathaka nokaranna.

Esema waradak niwaradi karagena idiriyata yamat thamanta  diri dun ha yam thanakata gena emata kapa wu aya amathaka nokara kala guna salakematat amathaka nokaranna.Ekama atapasuweema nawatha nokireemata waga balaganna.Apa athamnwita atam hitawatun thaman samaga sanniwedanaya nokaranu atay weradiyata sithana awsta thibe.Ehet satya thathwaya eya nowana awasta emataya.

Kisi witaka yamak hari hati nodana purva nigamanayanta elambiya noyutte me nisaya.Saba Adarayata adarayen pratichara dakweema taram yahapath kriyawak mihipita thibiya nohaka.

Health Effects Of Fish Oil ,Where Do We Stand?

Police Arrested Six Most Wanted Criminals In South Who Were Responsible For Hard Core Crimes

Police have arrested six hard core criminals who were
wanted for several murder cases occured in Southern Privince along with three firearms,bullets  and a motor car used for these murders.

After being produced before the Balapitiya (Southern Province)Magistrate Court today (19)five out of the six criminals  arrested  have been remanded  until 30th of January.Magistrate has given permission to the Ambalangoda police to detain one criminal and question  him regarding the crimes until tomorrow (20).

Murders of three members in same family at idamthota in Ambalangoda and murder of Fruit trader at Metiyagoda area were among the murders they have committed according to the Police.

Ambalangoda Police are conducting investigations on the criminals.

Former DIG And Crimes OIC Further Remand

The former Deputy Inspector General Of Police

Police Fired Tear Gas And Water Cannon To Disperse A University Students Protest March In Colombo

Police fired tear gas and water cannon this evening to
disperse a group of protesting university and medical students when they attempted to march towards Prime Minister's official residence "Temple Trees" at colpetty.

The students protest march organized by the Inter University Students Federation began from the Institute of Aesthetic Studies and headed towards Colpetty Junction where they were blocked by the Police.

The protestors conducted the protest march by demanding solutions for several demands including termination of private medical collage in Malabe.


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Police To Take Legal Action Against Motor Car Owners Who Have Tinted Or Covering Front Windows With Curtains

Image result for TINTED CARSSri Lanka Police have decided to take legal action against owners of the Motor Cars covering the windows of driver and front seat passenger with  curtains or tints with effect from today(19).

Deputy Inspector General Of Police (Traffic) Palitha Fernando has instructed the officers to carry out raids in Police Station level to nab Motorists who are covering the front windows with curtains and tints as covering Motor Car windows in such manner is one of  the causes for the increasing of traffic accident here .

Legal action will be taken against the Motor Car owners who have failed to remove the curtains and tints Police have stated.

A Gem Businessman Was Killed At Awissawella

Image result for crimes sceneA Gem Businessman in Awissawella(Colombo) area was killed by an unidentified person or persons last night(18)  at Madola,Awissawella police have stated.

The Businessman was killed due to a long standing Gem Mine issue Police have stressed.


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Southern Coastal Line Train Services Have Disrupted Due To a Derailed Train

Image result for sri lanka coastal trainDue to a derailment of a fuel transport train traveling from Galle to Colombo near the Galle Railway Station ,the train services of the Southern Coastal Line have been disrupted this morning (19) according to the Railway Control Room.

Accordingly Train arriving Colombo from Galle and Matara has delayed due to this situation the control room has stated.Authorities have taken steps to move the derailed Train from the rail track.


Lotus Road In Colombo Fort Closed Due To A Protest March

Image result for lotus road colomboLotus Road in Colombo Fort has been temporarily closed this evening due to a protest march conducted by Inter Union Workers Federation it has been reported.

A heavy traffic has been reported from the area as Police have advised motorists to use an alternative routes.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...