Saturday, April 28, 2018

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A Person Was Arrested With A Haul Of Heroin

A 54 year old person was arrested with
2.50 grammes of Heroin in his possession at Daramaduwatte area in Paliyagoda by the Paliyagoda Divisional Crimes division officers .

The suspect is a resident of godakaduruwatte ,Paliyagoda area. .He is due to be produced before the court.

Eighteen Arrested Over Illegally Selling Foreign Liquor

Eighteen persons have been arrested
over selling of foreign liquor illegally in Tourist hotels at Galle Fort and Mirissa tourism zone along with more than 70 liters of foreign liquor in their possession by the Southern Provincial special excise operations division officers during a raid carriedout  there.

The arrested persons have been released on bail later and a case is due to be filed against them at Galle Magistrate Court.

The Excise officers have carried out the raids at 18 tourist hotels in Galle Fort and Mirissa Tourism zone.

Landslide Warnings Issued To Four Areas

The Disaster Management Center has
issued landslide warnings to four provincial secretariet divisions, If the current heavy showers prevailing another 24 hours.

Accordingly the DMC has issued landslide warnings to Ehaliyagoda ,Ratnapura,Elapatha and Kuruwita Provincial secretariet divisions and people living in those areas are being  advised to be vigilant on the situation .


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Five Sluice Gates Of The Udawalawe Reservoir Have Been Opened

All the five sluice gates of the Udawalawe reservoir have been opened today(28)due to the heavy showers prevailing in surrounding areas . 
Due to this situation The Disaster Management Center had instructed  the people living in low land areas of the Walawe river to be vigilant .

Eight Persons Were Arrested While Transporting Scanners To Detect Gold Hidden By LTTE

Vavuniya Police have arrested eight persons while transporting a scanner
 use to detect metal in earth and a part of another scanner from a rented van to search the gold hidden by LTTE during the final part of the war against LTTE early this morning(28) at Nochchimotei area in Vavuniya.

The suspects were arrested while they were returning from the land they went to observe in search of hidden gold it has been revealed.

The suspects are residents of Jaffna,Kilinochchi,Nochchiyagama,Anuradhapura and Walasmulls areas .

The value of the Scanners taken into custody is more than Rs.10 milion .

The suspects along with the equipment are due to produce before Vavuniya Magistrate Court.

Transport Activities In Morawaka-Neluwa Road Have Been Disrupted Due To A Fallen Rock

Transport activities have been
completely disrupted in Morawaka-Neluwa main road due to a Huge rock fallen to the road at Madagama,Neluwa area this evening(28) as a result of the heavy showers prevailing in the area.

Police have instructed the Mororists to use an alternative routes to travel until the removal of the rock fallen to the road.

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A Person Was Arrested With Fifty Illegal Liquor Bottles

A person was arrested by Bagawanthalawa Police last night(27)
along with a stock of fifty liquor bottles prepared to be sold during wesak week illegally ,hidden in a house at Bridwell Estate in Bagawanthalawa.

The Stock of liquor bottles taken in to custody by the Police have not obtained licence to sell and the suspect has planned to sell them for higher prices  it has been recealed.

The suspect and the stock of liquor bottles are due to be produced before the Hatton Magistrate Court.



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