Friday, May 30, 2014

Consumer Affairs Authority Has Seized 40,000 KG Of Expired Imported Chocolates In Colombo

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) officers have yesterday(30) seized around 40,000 Killo Grammes of expired imported chocolates which are unsuitable for human consumption  at  a ware house in Colombo -Negambo main road.

The stock of expired chocolates believed to be worth more than  Rs.100 million and have been expired over a year ago consumer affairs authority has revealed.the stock of chocolates were been repackaged with different labels and stored in the ware house in view of   issuing to the market at the time of the raid.these chocolates are imported from India CAA sources added.

New Health Ministry Secretary To Be Assumed Her Duties On Monday

The Secretary of the Ministry Of Plantations Mrs.Sudharma Karunaratne is due to be assumed her duties as the new secretary of the Ministry Of Health this Monday (02) according to sources.she is replacing the outgoing health ministry secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake who has already been assumed  duties as the secretary of Economic Development Ministry .

Dr.Jayathilake has  replaced the former secretary of the economic development ministry and current treasury secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundare.

Meanwhile according to the health ministry sources there are rumors that the ousted media officer of the ministry W.M.D Wanninayake is planning to return to the post after new secretary has assume her duties on this Monday.the former media officer was sacked from his post by the outgoing health secretary Dr.Jayathilake last week due to some charges against him including exercising luxurious privileges not entitled to  the media officer post and  involving some  corrupt tender deals.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sri Lankan Children Aged 6-59 Months Are Suffering From Anemia-Newest Nutrition Survey Reveals

According to the newest Nutrition Survey conducted by the Medical Research Institute(MRI) in Colombo  15.1% of the children aged   6 months to 59 months are suffering from Iron Deficiency Anemia .a majority of these children with anemia which is around 34% are belongs to the age group 6 months to 11 months .

Approximately 15% of the preschool children and 20% of the School going children are suffering from anemia according to survey results.the prevalence of anemia among non pregnant women aged 15 years to 49 years was 22.2% and among pregnant women was 16.7%.

Addressing the media seminar held today(29) at the Health Education Bureau titled"Iron Rich Food for health,strength and intelligence" to mark the National Nutrition Month falls on June  Dr.Renuka Jayathissa a senior Nutritionist attach to UNICEF has said that Iron Deficiency Anemia is caused due to the insufficient dietary intake,poor absorption of iron and the loss of blood (eg:Parasitic Infestations and menstrual bleeding).

" The Ministry Of Health has already launched a nutritional plan to aim of reducing the anemia among children and women in the country by 50% at the end of 2016" she dietary sources of Iron are in red meet like chicken,pork,mutton and beef also in small fish,organic meet like liver ,vegetables like green leaves and pulses like beans,soya been,green gram,chickpea,cowpea,ulundu and dhal.products of these pulses-tofu,been curd and soya meet dr.jayathissa has stressed.

The economic impact of anemia is high and it is around US Dollars 50 billion loss in gross domestic product according to her.if the children aged 6 months to 12 months supplied diet using iron sprinkles at home a US Dollars 37 gain in productivity can be reached per US One Dollar spent it has been revealed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Out Going Health Secretary Ordered An Inquiry Against The Sacked Media Officer

The Out going Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake has ordered  a fresh inquiry from the internal audit   of the ministry on  the charges leveled against sacked media officer of the Health Ministry W.M.D Wanninayake .

Ignoring the duties vested him as the media officer in the health ministry and exercising luxurious privileges which are not entitled to the media officer post are among the main charges leveled against the sacked media officer wanninayake.

The health secretary has hit and chased the sacked media officer  out from the secretary's office last Friday evening after sacking him from the post of media officer.he is now returned to the information department where he was  originally attached to.

The health secretary has indicated in the removal letter handed over to the media officer last Friday that media officer wanninayake has illegally given health ministry information to the media as a media spokesman in the ministry although no such media spokesman appointed to the ministry.the former media officer has also reported as allegedly involved in many corrupt tender deals of the health ministry and taking bribes from some  drug companies to attack their rival drug companies.he has also worked as an unofficial media consultant for many drug companies it has been revealed.

Dengue Mosquito Density Increased In Ratnapura District

The Dengue Mosquito Density in several areas of the Ratnapura District(Sabaragamuwa Province) has increased by around 8 folds more then the normal mosquito density level according to the Entomology Assistant Officers.the mosquito density in those areas are found as 40 in the Bretau  Index which measures the mosquito density in an area.

Most of the other risky areas of Dengue situated throughout the
island including Colombo and Gampaha Districts have been reported as having Dengue Mosquito Density around 30 in the index sources said.

President Ordered To Release 14 Indian Fishermen Got Arrested For Drug Trafficking

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has ordered to release 14 Tamil Nadu  Fishermen who were arrested for drug trafficking charges as a goodwill gesture towards India ,the government sources said.president has ordered to release these fishermen just before his departure to attend  the swear in ceremony of Indian Newly Elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi held yesterday .

As the court cases against these fishermen are conduct  in different courts they are due to be released next week after completing their court cases.

Out of the 14 fishermen due to be released ,11 are from Rameshwarem Island and  3 are from Arcottuthurai in Nagapattinam  District.

German National Drowns In Hikkaduwa Sea

A 74 year old German National was found dead after  drowning in the Sea at Hikkaduwa Area yesterday(26) evening.the victim Berns Matias was married to a Sri Lankan Woman and lives in Hikkaduwa according to the police.

The postmortem of the deceased was conducted at Karapitiya Hospital today(27).

Monday, May 26, 2014

Members Of 50 Government Trade Unions Are To Stage A Massive Protest Campaign In Colombo

Members belongs to around  50 Government Trade Unions including Unions of Professions Supplementary To Medicine,Nursing,Minor Staff,Bank Officers,Postal,Teachers ,University Teachers , Railways and student movements are due to stage a massive protest campaign in front of the Fort Railway Station in Colombo this Wednesday(28) against the decision on reducing the study period of allied health sciences degree  and assaulting of allied health sciences degree students.

The protesting trade union activists and students are due to walk towards the fort railway station from Colombo National Hospital premises at 1 p.m on Wednesday and due to reach fort station at 2  p.m according to the secretary of Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Mr.Saman Jayasekera.

The protesting trade unions are demanding authorities to stop reducing the study period of allied health sciences degree from 4 years to 3 years and stop assaulting allied health sciences degree students."the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) is  responsible for reducing the study period of the degree" Saman Jayasekera has stressed.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brawl At The Health Ministry-Health Secretary Hit And Chased Out The Media Officer After Sacking Him

The sacked Media Officer of the Ministry Of Health D.Wanninayake was hit and chase out from the health secretary's office  by the out going Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake when media officer went to him per Dr.Jayathilake's request on last Friday (23) evening Health Ministry Sources have revealed.the health secretary has also informed the audit to probe  on the media officer wanninayake the way he has earned millions of rupees  as commissions through the fraud tender deals over the past few years sources added.

Out Going Health Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake who is due to be appointed as the new secretary of the economic development ministry has scolded  media officer wanninayake heavily last Friday evening at the health secretary's office by accusing  him that he has exposed information to the media on several corrupt tender deals in the ministry which both of them were involved in.when  the media officer tried to defend him self by saying that he had nothing to do with the media reports the angry health secretary hit and chased him out of the office after handing over his removal letter sources said..d.wanninayake who was served as the media officer in the health ministry for 9 long years although he was released to the ministry for 2 year period is due to return to the information department.

As the media officer was sacked from his post over his involvement in fraud tender deals ,health secretary too was removed from the office over the same offence and he is due to move to accept his new portfolio as the secretary of the economic development ministry soon by replacing the treasury secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundera,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Health Secretary And The Media Officer Who were Involved In Corrupt Tender Deals Have Removed From Their Posts

The Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake  and the media officer of the Ministry D.Wanninayake whose names have been mentioned in related to most of the corrupt tender deals of  Health Ministry in recent times set to be  removed from there posts with immediate effect. media officer Wanninayake has already been removed from his post with effect from yesterday according to the reliable sources. 

The former media officer who has removed from his post in the health ministry yesterday  too involved in most of the corrupt tender deals reported from the ministry and received huge sums of money as commissions  from some corrupted drug companies for supporting them  till the date he has been removed sources said.Besides his involvement in corrupt tender deals,Dr.Jayathilake who has   just returned from Geneva,Switzerland after attending the Health Assembly of The World Health Organization(WHO) has been criticized by the Nurses Unions and the Government Midwives Union over his controversial decisions taken regarding the midwifery training issue of Nurses.

 However there are reports that Dr.Jayathilake is to assume duties as the new Treasury Secretary replacing the current secretary Dr.P.B Jayasundera . Dr.Jayasundera is to leave his post  due to the influence of government minister and the leader of National Democratic Front Wimal Weerawansha who is criticizing the economic policies adapted by Dr.Jayasundera..

The current secretary of the Ministry Of Plantations Mrs.Sudharma Karunaratne is due to be appointed as the new secretary of the Ministry Of Health sources have added.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Head Of The Drug Evaluation Committe Has Arrived The Monthly Meeting Under Heavy Alcohol Influence.....

The Chairman of the National Drug Authority who is a doctor and also  head of the drug evaluation committee has attended monthly  Drug Evaluation Committee meeting held last Tuesday (20) under a heavy alcohol influence and behaved an unusual way in front of the participants the  health ministry sources revealed.

According to the sources as the head of the committee he should have behaved well during the meeting as the agenda is on drugs imported and distributed to hospitals here,but he has not only drunken also spoke to the intellectual members of the drug evaluation committee without any respect.

Some of the intellectuals participated that meeting have complained the Director General Of Health Services Dr,Plaitha Mahipala on the incident  in the same day.

Around 20 members of the committee including professors,doctors and specialists on Pharmacology have attended the said meeting according to ministry sources.the Drug Authority Chairman has purposely violated the code of conduct on government service sources have added.the said Chairman Doctor was known as involved in many of the fraud tender deals reported from the health sector.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Health Secretary And Some Health Ministry Officials Awarded The Cancer Injection Tender To A Highest Bidder Which Having Quality Problems

The Health Secretary Dr Nihal Jayathilake has involved in another tender fraud by handing over the tender for purchasing 1697 vials of Cancer Injections " Protein Bound Paclitaxal "  100 milli grammes to the  drug supplying company which produced the highest bid  instead of awarding the tender to the supplier produced the lowest bid.

According to the reliable sources the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena who has just returned from Geneva ,Switzerland after attending the World Health Assembly had suspended the controversial tender last Wednesday(21)which costs the Health Ministry an extra amount of Rs.3.67 million  when compare with  the lowest bidder.also minister has instructed the director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala to conduct an inquiry   on this tender fraud.

However showing the latest developments of the war between  Health Ministry Officials, the Media Officer attach to the Health Ministry  has issued a press release today (22)stating that the Health Minister has not suspend any Tender Deal on purchasing Cancer Injection Vials.responding to the article published in a local national paper today , the media officer has said that the minister didn't suspend any tender deal .however he fails to provide enough evidence through the release to certify  that the minister himself admitted he has not cancel the tender.also the media officer did not reject that a  fraud has been occurred when handing over the tender to the highest bidder.

According to the Health Ministry Sources both Health Ministry Secretary and the Chairman of National Drug Authority have received Rs.1 Million each as luxurious commissions for handing over the tender to an Indian Drug Company which was selected to award the tender as a highest bidder.the media officer of the Health Ministry too has received commission money to his bank account through these fraud tender deals sources have added.

The samples of cancer injections produced by the said Indian Company too not up to the standard and even not thoroughly checked the sources said."these Health Ministry Officials are trying to play with the lives of thousands of  innocent Cancer Patients in the country for the sake of luxurious benefits they are gain from corrupt drug companies" a spokesman of the health ministry has said.

The Tender to award purchasing of "Paclitaxal Injections to be distributed to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital and other Cancer Units throughout the island was called as an International Tender  by both State Pharmaceuticals Company (SPC)and the Medical Supplies Division(MSD).the lowest bid was produced by an American Company who applied for the tender called by SPC and the quality of the injection samples they have produced are up to the required standard sources revealed,the said company has agreed to supply an injection vial per Rs.19,110 while the highest bidder an Indian Company  selected through the tender called by MSD has produced the price of their injections vials as Rs.38,500 and Rs.45,000.

Allied Health Sciences Degree Students Have Completed 150 Days For Their Protest

The Students attach to the  Faculty of Allied Health Sciences in Peradeniya University have today (22) completed 150 days for their continuous "Satyagraha" protest Campaign conducting   at Galaha Junction,Peradeniya, as a protest to reducing their degree study period from 4 years to 3 years .

As to show their  solidarity to the students   protest campaign a group of nursing officers attach to All Ceylon Nurses Union too joined the students "Satyagrha" today.

Meanwhile A group of  University Students attach to faculties of Allied Health Sciences have filed a human right violations petition before the human rights commission yesterday over the arrest of some of their students last week.

The allied health sciences degree students as well as most of the health trade unions have accused the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) for influencing University Grants Commission(UGC) to reduce the study period of their degr
ee programme to 3years from 4 years.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All Schools In Sabaragamuwa Municipal Council Area To Be Closed For Two Days

All Schools Belongs to the Sabaragamuwa Municipal Council Area will be closed  during next  two days, the 22nd and 23rd of May due to the threat of Dengue Epidemic the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Education Minister has announced this evening. prevention programmes are to  be conducted during the two days.

No Confidence Motion Against The Government Was Defeated At The Parliament

The no confidence motion which was  tabled in the Parliament  against the present government by main opposition party the United National Party(UNP) was defeated today(21) with a majority of 94 votes .when  the voting has taken place at  Parliament this evening  151 members were voted against the motion while 57 members including MP's of main opposition UNP , leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) and Tamil National alliance (TNA) were voted in favor.

The No Confidence Motion was tabled by the UNP last Tuesday against government's failure to combat the spreading of drug menace in the country.

The members of the government allied parties Jathiak Hela Urumaya (JHU) and National Freedom Front(NFF) were absent  during  the voting.

The National Parliament of Sri Lanka has been compromised with 225 MP's. out of this number 144 members are belongs to the ruling UPFA Coalition and 60 members to the main opposition United National Party.Tamil National Alliance(TNA) has represented by 14 members and Democratic National Alliance (DNA)by 7 members.

Two Sri Lankans Were Arrested While Trying To Smuggle Gold Slabs Worth Rs.53 Million To The Country

Two Sri Lankan Nationals have been arrested by the Customs Officers at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port early this morning while trying to smuggle gold slabs worth Rs.53 million to the country from Dubai.

According to the Custom Officers gold slabs weighing 7.1 Killo Grammes which the suspects brought from Dubai were concealed in calculator boxes.

Authorities are conducting further investigations on the incident.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wesak Celebrations At Ganagaramaya Temple In Colombo

University Teachers To Launch A Token Strike On 03rd Of June

The Federation Of University Teachers Association(FUTA) has today (20) urged that they will stage a Island Wide Token Strike on 03rd of June if the authorities have failed to give solutions for six of their demands before the strike date.

Setting Up a Committee to investigate the grievances of Undergraduates /recommending solutions for their issues as well as allow the Students Unions to function in the Universities and stop harassing Student Activists  are among the six demands of the FUTA.

The Federation Of University Teachers Association has warned that due to the proposed token strike the academic activities of all the government universities in the country will come to a
halt on 03rd of June.

Customs Officials Arrested Three Sri Lankans Who Tried To Smuggle Rs.12 Million Worth Gold

The Sri Lankan Customs Officials have last night arrested Three Sri Lankans including two women at the Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Air Port  when they are  trying to smuggle 24 Gold Slabs worth Rs.12 million to Mumbai ,India.

Gold Slabs weighing around 2 Killo Grammes and 400 Grammes were taken in to custody with the suspects according to Customs Officials.the gold slabs were hidden inside the shoes of the said  suspects it has been revealed.

Indian National Was Remanded For Staying 19 Years In Sri Lanka Illegally

Anuradahapura District (In North Central Province) Chief Magistrate has today(20) ordered to remand An Indian National who was found guilty of staying in Sri Lanka more than 19 years illegally till 26th of this month.the accused Indian National was arrested recently by the Anuradhapura special flying squad while he was staying in a rural area.

The Anuradhapura Chief  Magistrate and Additional District Judge Miss.Yuresha De Silva has also ordered the police to file charges against the Indian National when he is produce before the court on 26th of May.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Two German Nationals Were Killed Due To The Motor Bike-Bus Collision

Two  German Nationals were killed  when the  Motor Bike they were travelling  on was collided with a private bus at Unawatuna in Galle District (Southern Sri Lanka )this evening.

The Bus travelling from Colombo to Middeniya area was collided with the Motor Bike which the two German national men  were travelling  on from Matara to Galle  and one of them was killed at the spot due to the accident.other german national  has died after admitted to the Karapitiya Hospital  according to hospital sources.

The Motor Bike and the Bus were  travelling  on the road opposite each other when the accident has  occurred sources said.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

PSM'S Attach to Colombo National Hospital Are To Launch Half Day Strike Tomorrow(19)

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM'S) attach to Colombo National Hospital are due to stage a 4 hour strike action from 8 a.m to 12 noon tomorrow(19) in protest against assaulting allied health sciences degree students and reducing the study period of health allied science degree.

According to the Joint Council of Professions Supplementary To Medicine(JCPSM) compromising with Government Pharmacists,Radiographers,Medical Laboratory Technologists,(MLT),Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists Unions due to this half day strike services like issuing drugs to patients through the OPD Dispensaries,Radiography Tests including X Ray and C.T Scan tests ,Laboratory Tests and Physiotherapy Treatment will be affected during the strike period.

The PSMS's attach to Colombo National Hospital has decided to launch this strike against assaulting of University Students who protested against reducing the study period of health allied sciences degree and discrimination faced by health allied sciences degree students the secretary of the JCPSM Saman Jayasekera has said.

The Police has arrested 17 University Students attach to Inter University Students Federation
(IUSF) last Friday who were protested against reducing the study period of health allied sciences degree of PSM'S and Nueses.although several health trade unions and university students federation accusing higher education ministry and the government on reducing the study period of health allied sciences degree  from four years to three years, the authorities have  pointed out that it is the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) which is behind the decision. 

Police Has Arrested A Child Smuggle Smuggling Children To Australia

The Police has today(18) arrested a man who is alleged as involved in  a Child  Smuggling Racket at Udappuwa in Mudalama Area.the suspect was known as smuggling Sri Lankan Children to Australia via boat and has arrested on a court order given by the Colombo Fort Magistrate.

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has informed the details on suspect to magistrate and the court order was given to police afterwards.the national child protection authority is due to be   produced the suspect before the court .

Saturday, May 17, 2014

University Teachers Condemned The Arrests Of Sixteen University Students

The Federation of the University Teachers Associations(FUTA) has today(17) condemned the arrest of sixteen university students attach to the Inter University Students Federation(IUSF).according to the FUTA this kind of arrests will only provoke the students further than solving their problems.

 Demands of University students  like increasing the duration of all health sciences degree to 4 years and increasing the mahapola scholarship fees  accommodation and quality of their academic courses are fair and justified the president of FUTA Dr.Chandraguptha Thenuwara has said.

He has urged the authorities to release the arrested students and resolve their  grievances .

Kirulapona and Slave Island Police have arrested sixteen university students yesterday and the Inter University Students Federation has stated that these arrests are abductions .

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fifteen Inter University Students Federation Members Got Arrested

Around 15  Student members of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) were arrested today(16) by Kirulapona and Slave Island Police on false charges according to the convener of IUSF Najith Indika.according to him four student leaders including the student rajitha prasad attach to the all health sciences faculty  were arrested by Kirulapona Police and the rest were arrested by Slave Island Police.

The IUSF has claimed that these arrests were made without a proper warrant ,but the police said they are having a warrant for the arrests  it further said.

Cabinet Has Sent A Warning Letter To The Health Secretary On Involving Tender Fraud

The Cabinet has sent a warning letter to the Dr.Nihal Jayathilake the current secretary of the Health Ministry on his involvement of providing false report to the Cabinet Committee by recommending a regional pharmaceutical company which   not even applied  for the tender of purchasing  "Desferioxamine Mesylate "Injections prescribe for Thalasemia Patients ,as a suitable company to purchase those injection vials.

The Health Ministry Secretary who have received a similar warning letter from the Cabinet few weeks back over another tender fraud like this  has said to be received Rs.10 million as commissions from the said company for recommending them for the tender,

The Rs.3,230,928 worth tender "MSD/P/018/13-DHS/C/P/346/2013-SR Number:160305" was opened in view of purchasing  360,000 "Desferioxamine Mesylate" Injection Vials for Thalasemia Patients in government hospitals.  the health secretary was charged for trying to change the successful bidder company submitted the suitable bid for the tender with another company which not even applied for the tender the government sources said.

The Ministry Of Finance has instructed the Health Secretary to provide a fully detailed report on explaining the reasons  for changing the successful bidder of the tender.

Earlier this week the Government Medical Officers Forum (GMOF)has requested President Mahinda Rajapaksha to remove the Health Ministry Secretary with immediate effect over the corrupted tender deals he got involved in.meanwhile government sources said that the Health Ministry Secretary Dr.Jayathilake is scheduled to be removed from the post by next week and a senior lady administrative officer attach to the Finance Ministry is due to be appointed as the new health secretary

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fifteen Train Journeys Cancelled This Morning Due To Absence Of Drivers And Guards

The Railway Department has cancelled around 15 scheduled train journeys this morning due to the absence of Engine Drivers and Rail Guards following the two public holidays of Wesak Festival   the department sources said.

As many of the Engine Drivers and Rail Guards not reported to work this morning the General Manger of Railway Department has sent special request to all those absent to report for   work without any delay.meanwhile as some drivers and rail guards reported for work this evening per the request a number of train journeys have resumed without a delay railway department has announced.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Public Health Inspectors Have Thrown Out Unhygienic Food Prepared In 67 Alms Giving Centers

The Public Health Inspectors have today(14)  thrown out a large stock of   unhygienic food prepared and served in 67 Alms Giving Centers(Dansal) throughout the  island  which  are  set  up  to mark  Wesak Full Moon Poya Day the  Public Health Inspectors Association has said.the food that thrown out were unhygienic and not suitable for human consumption the association has stressed.

The Public Health Inspectors have checked majority out of the 4800 Alms Giving Centers situated Island wide according to them.

Buddhists Around The World Celebrating Wesak Festival Today(14)

The  Wesak Full Moon Poya Day which marks the Birth ,Enlightenment and Demise (Parinirvanaya) of the Lord Buddha the founder of Buddhism falls today(14).Millions of Buddhists around the globe including Sri Lankans  are celebrating the Wesak Festival through religious activities, giving alms and displaying colorful lanterns and pandals which are  portraying various life events of Lord Buddha .

Sri Lankan Buddhists have today celebrated this biggest religious event in their calender by attending religious activities in Buddhist temples island wide .a large number of alms giving centers too set up country wide to serve varieties of food including rice and local dishes for the people who are coming to see wesak decorations. a large number of colorful lanterns and pandals are seen displaying in the cities this year  to mark the event.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Government Medical Officers Forum(GMOF) Has Requested President To Remove Health Ministry Secretary

The Government Medical Officers Forum(GMOF) has made a written request yesterday (12)from President Mahinda Rajapksha to remove Dr.Nihal Jayathilake the secretary of Ministry Of Health from his post with immediate effect due to the malpractices and tender frauds he got  involved in.

According to the letter sent to the President by GMOF Dr.Jayathilake has been found guilty of several malpractices and tender frauds occurred in the health sector while he was in office as the Assistant Health Secretary few years back and as a result he was removed from the post and transferred to the ministry of Provincial Councils on 2008.

As an official who is having a corrupt background he  should not be appointed as the head of the responsible ministry like Ministry Of Health at all GMOF has stressed,it will be shameful act of the government to appoint a corrupt official as the health ministry secretary the GMOF has further said.

The Health Secretary has failed to fill around 100 medical administrator vacancies there in the health sector and to transfer  one of the most corrupted officials in the Health Ministry during last three years in his office  the GMOF has further said.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Court Of Appeal Has Permitted Health Ministry To Print Pictorial Warnings Covering 50-60% Area Of Cigarette Packs

The Court Of Appeal has today(12)  permitted  Health Ministry to print pictorial warnings on Cigarette Packs covering 50-60% of the pack's surface  indicating health hazards causes by tobacco. earlier government has seeking court to giving permission to print pictorial warnings covering 80% of the Cigarette Packet surface.

However the tobacco companies filed the case last year against the decision to print pictorial warnings that covering 80% of Cigarette Packet Surface .it has learnt that the health authorities too agreed with the tobacco companies secretly last year to print pictorial warnings on  cigarette packs covering  50 or 60% of the pack surface although they have told the media that they are expecting a court verdict for 80% coverage.

The Government has issued a special gazette notification on 08th of August 2012 by making compulsory to print eight graphic warnings on Cigarette Packs.the parliament too has unanimously passed three regulations under the national tobacco and alcohol act on 19th of February this year to print  pictorial warnings on Cigarette Packs covering 80% of the
area .

The Ceylon Tobacco Company a subsidiary of British American Tobacco has filed the case against the decision of covering 80% of Cigarette Pack area with pictorial warnings .

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Court Of Appeal To Give Verdict Tomorrow On Cigarette Packs Carrying Pictorial Warnings Covering 80% Of The Pack

The  Court Of Appeal is scheduled to be given the verdict tomorrow (12) on whether the Tobacco Companies should carry out pictorial warnings of health hazards caused by smoking covering 80% of the Cigarette Pack.

Although the government has decided that   cigarette packs should carry out  pictorial warnings covering 80% of the pack by  indicating health hazards of smoking, the  local Tobacco Companies have filed a court case against the given  percentage.The companies suggesting that the coverage area of Pictorial Warnings  appeared  in  a  Cigarette Pack should be less then 80%

The Parliament has recently unanimously approved a gazette notification which enable to implement a law to carry out  pictorial warnings covering 80% in Cigarette Packs.

According to the Ministry Of Health around 65 persons have died daily in Sri Lanka due to the illnesses caused by cigarette smoking.around 60% of the cancers among locals are caused by smoking it has
been revealed.

Four Suspects With "Kerala Marijuana" Got Arrested In Kalpitiya

The Police have arrested Four Suspects with 40 Killo Grammes of "Kerala Marijuana "(Ganja) today (11) at Kalpitiya Area .Kalpitiya Police have  made this arrest during a raid in the area.

The suspects with the stock of "Kerala Marijuana
" arrested are to be produced before the Puttalam Magistrate Court .the Kalpitiya Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Trains Got Delayed Fourth Day Due To The Train Drivers Strike

Trains got delayed for the fourth day today due to the work to rule campaign launched by Train Drivers since last Wednesday(30).some trains departed today from Fort and Maradana Railway Stations few hours later then the scheduled time Railway Department has said.

The Locomotive Engineer Union has launched this work to rule campaign since last Wednesday by demanding authorities to solve the shortages occurred    in Signal Systems,Rail Tracks and Trains.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Then 200 Drug And Surgical Items Are Out Of Stock In Govt.Pharmacies

More Then  200 Medicinal Drug Varieties and Surgical Items  Are not available in Government Pharmacies these days according to health sources.due to this situation a large number of patients who are receiving  treatment from the private sector have faced numerous difficulties as majority of them are purchasing drugs from government pharmacies due to cheaper prices.

This drug shortage has occurred due to not receiving ordered drugs in time the sources have added.

A Popular Illegal Gambling Center Was Raided And 34 People Got Arrested

A Special Police Investigation Team has raided a popular illegal gambling center functioned at Town Hall this evening and arrested thirty four persons including a woman according to Police Sources.a woman and 7 employees at the gambling center were among those arrested police sources added.

The raid has been carried out at 6 p.m this evening by the special police team compromising with OIC of the Anti Vice Squad in Western Province Inspector Chandana and OIC of Colombo Crimes Division Chief  Inspector Neville  De Silva.The Colombo Crimes Division is conducting further investigations on the incident.

This is the second time that this gambling center in Town Hall was raided and in previous occasion all 23 police officers involved in the raid carried out there last year were controversially transferred to other police stations following the incident.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Patient Services Of 125 Government Hospitals In Three Provinces Paralyzed Due To The Strike Action Of PSM"S

The issuing of Medicinal Drugs through the OPD Pharmacies,X Ray/Scan Tests,Laboratory Tests and Physiotherapy Treatment offered by around 125 government hospitals in Northern, Eastern and North Central Provinces were paralyzed today (06)due to the strike action launched by professions supplementary to medicine(PSM's) hospital sources have revealed.

Due to this situation tens of thousands of patients have faced numerous difficulties the sources said.

However the striking PSM's maintained the emergency services in  the said hospitals and only the routine work has been cancelled during to day the sources added.although main hospitals like Jaffna,Trincomalee,Batticloe,Ampara,Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa issued chits for outdoor patients to purchase drugs from nearby government pharmacies the rural hospital patients returned home with empty handed as those hospitals are not provided such facility it has been revealed.

The PSM's have launched the strike action since  this morning by demanding solutions for two of their service demands namely halting curtailment of All Health Sciences Degree awarded to PSM'S and providng long delayed service promotions of PSM'S.

Meanwhile The Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine this evening has decided to suspend there  strike action on tomorrow at 8 a.m for two weeks after the health ministry secretary DrNihal Jayathilake has promised the Joint Council to appoint two committees to look after their two demands.

According to the secretary of Joint Council Saman Jayasekera the strike launched by today in three provinces will be suspended from 8 a.m tomorrow morning,

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nurses To Suspend Their Island Wide Trade Union Action Tomorrow Morning-Nurses Union President

The Trade Union Action launched by government hospital nurses since last Saturday (03) will be  suspended   tomorrow(05) morning at 6 a.m  following the assurance made by health ministry secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake that the midwifery training given to a batch of nursing students at present will continue without any disturbance the president of Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has said today(04).

Addressing a press briefing held at Abayaramaya Temple In Narahenpita ,the PSNU President has stressed that the Government Hospital Nurses who were withdrawn from hospital services islandwide will return to work from tomorrow morning." we will suspend the strike accepting health ministry secretary's assurance and respect patients rights to receive treatment .but if the officials of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) and Midwives are continuously harassing nurses over the midwifery training issue we will re launch a strict trade union action very soon" Muruthettuwe Thero has said.

Meanwhile all routine surgeries perform at Government Hospitals have been cancelled both yesterday and today due to the trade union action of nurses government hospital sources have revealed.although directors of main hospitals have taken steps to provide in ward patient care like giving saline and medicine to patients with the assistance of  doctors and other staff ,it is not sufficient  to reinstate the paralyzed patient care services fully the sources added.the patient care services in all government hospitals paralyzed for the second day today due to this trade union action hospital sources further said.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Patient Care Services Have Paralyzed In All Government Hospitals As Nurses Withdrawn From Their Services

All Government Hospital Nurses except nurses attach to five government  hospitals have withdrawn from hospital services today (Saturday 03rd of May) paralyzing patient care services in wards and clinics of   government hospitals island wide. the striking nurses will continue their trade union  action tomorrow(Sunday(04))as well   in  protest against  Health Ministry's  failure  of solving the dispute between government medical officers association(GMOA),the midwives and nurses over the midwifery training.

Due to the trade union action hundreds of thousands of patients getting treatment from government hospitals both indoor and outdoor faced numerous difficulties today according to hospital authorities.

According to the President of Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero Nursing Staff attach to government hospitals numbering 30,000  withdrawn  from their services this morning  and the  .nursing staff attach to Castle Street Maternity,De Soyza Maternity,Lady Ridgway Childrens ,Mahamodara Maternity and Maharagama,Cancer Hospitals refrain from joining the trade union action due to humanitarian reasons . only the emergency services will maintain in government hospital where  the  trade union action has been carried out venerable Muruththettuwe Thero has stressed.

The PSNU has decided to go for this trade union action after the discussions held between Nursing Unions and health ministry officials headed by Health Minister last  evening  have failed to reach any  solution for the dispute over midwifery training issue.

The Public Services Nurses Union headed by Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero is the largest trade union of Nurses in Sri Lanka which representing more than 95% of the government hospital nurses.

Meanwhile the  executive committee of the Nurses Union is scheduled to  meet tomorrow(04) to decide their future course of action if the health authorities are continuously ignoring  the  solving of  midwifery training issue the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) has said.the officials of the GMOA and government midwives are harassing the nursing staff of government hospitals and therefor health authorities should intervene and solve the issue the Nurses Union has stressed.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Leftist Government Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara Want To Change Executive Presidency To A Parliamentary Governance

"The working class people in Sri Lanka should be get united under one banner and try to change the current executive presidency and restore parliamentary governance instead of trying to topple the current government if really want  fair solutions for their burning problems" the Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara has said today(01).

Addressing a May Day meeting organized by the Republic Health Services Union in Colombo this morning the minister has said that by dividing in to political parties,religions,caste and class could not  do any good for the working class people and national unity among them is the greatest weapon for them to win their demands."working class people in this May Day should think of launching a island wide token strike to change the current governing system in the country " he has stressed.

"Nowadays working class in the country have not received a sufficient income to meet their expenses and on the other hand the cost of living is rising sharply by adding more burden to their the workers therefor  should try atleast  to get their allowances increased' the minister has further said.

However by addressing the gathering most of the  trade union leaders have stressed the need to topple current  government as the government  is trying to reduce gratuity  of the government service and destroying the public money by investing in institutions which are suffering heavy losses.

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