Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have Five Pharmacists Attached To Cancer Hospital Received Work Suspension Orders As Stated By Health Ministry ?

Five Pharmacists attached to Maharagama ,Cancer Hospital have temporarily been  suspended from their work due to their involvement in selling an expensive Cancer Injection vials "Oncasper " prescribed for Child Leukemia Patients received by the hospital to  Drug Company that supplied those vials Health Ministry has announced today(24)according to the ministry statement issued regarding this the five pharmacists have temporarily been suspended from their work until the inquiry regarding the incident is concluded.

The Drug Company involved in the scam with Pharmacists too black listed according to the Ministry.the five Pharmacists who were punished have alleged as illegally sold   "Oncasper" injection vials to  drug company which has supplied those vials to the Cancer Hospital and the Company it self again sold that to the hospital Health Ministry has revealed.Health Authorities have spent Rs.237,000 to buy one vial of the said Cancer Injection ministry has said.

However when contacted the Cancer Hospital Authorities have said that no Pharmacist attached to Cancer Hospital has received either any charge sheet or an order regarding the work suspension.

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