Saturday, January 13, 2018

Foreign-Smog Hits Flight Operations In Chennai


A Person Was Arrested With A Parts Of An Elephant Tusks

Marawila Police have last evening (12)arrested a 38

year old person with parts of  two Elephant tusks in his possession at Pahala Thabbowa area,Naththandiya.

Police have also  recovered a pendant made with a part of a Elephant tusk in possession of the suspect

Eleven Hambanthota Harbour Workers Have Been Hospitalized After Weekening Their Health While Involved In A Death Fast Campaign

All eleven workers attached to the Hambanthota
Harbour who had lost their jobs and involved in a desth fast campaign as a protest against it since 09th of January, have been hospitalized due to the weekening of their  health it has been reported.

Eleven workers who were began the Death fast campaign by demanding to recruit all 438 workers who were expelled from the Hambanthota Harbour again are now admitted to Hambanthota General Hospital.

However soon after the remained three protestors admitted to the Hospital today another 11 former Hambanthota Harbour workers who lost their jobs had resumed the Death fast campaign according to the Hospital.

Spending Too Much Time Sitting Down Can Lead To Diabetes And Heart Disease-A Study Says

Presidential Commission To Be Appointed To Inquire On Sri Lankan And Mihin Airlines Next Week -President

The Presidential Commission to inquire on fraud and
corruption activities occurred in Sri Lankan and Mihin Lanka Airlines will be appointed during next week President Maithripala Sirisena has stated today (13).

In last December Presdent has said that the proposed Commission will be appointed in early January.

Both Sri Lankan and Mihin Lanka Airlines currently running at a loss it has been revealed.

France Demands United Nations Protection For It's Famous Loaf Of Bread "Baguette"


A High Speed Van Was Severely Damaged After It Veering Off The Road

A high speed van carried two persons and travelling
from Nawalapitiya to Welimada area, veered off the road at Diyagala ,Ginigathhena area in Hatton -Colombo main road   and toppled over last evening (12).

The van got damaged heavily and the two passangers escaped unharmed according to Ginigathhena Police.

The accident occurred due to the inability of the Van driver to control the speed of the vehicle.

Security Forces Have Been Recovered An Official Coat Used By LTTE In Mulathivu

Security forces have recovered an Official Coat used by
the Intelligence Unit of LTTE Organization during the war with Security force at Mullivaikkal area in Mulathivu District (Northern Province).

As the all things utilized by the LTTE Terrorists have been destroyed by the security forces soon after they were defeated in the war, Forces have suspected some one who kept the Coat may have left that in the area.

Security Forces Have launched an investigation over the incident.

Nine Passangers Were Injured Due To A Bus Collision

Nine Bus passangers were injured and hospitalized
due to a head on collision occurred between a Private Bus and a Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB)Bus at Belihuloya area yesterday (12).

The injured including seven males and two females were admitted to the Pambahinna Provincial Hospital and later they were transferred to the Balangoda Base Hospital for further treatment.The driver of the Private Bus also among the injured it has been revealed.

The Private Bus was travelling from Colombo to Badulla and the Sri Lanka Transport Board bus was travelling from Badulla to Colombo at the time of the accident.

The accident was occurred due to the lapses of the SLTB Bus driver and he was arrested by the Police over the accident.He is due to be produced before the Balangoda Magistrate Court.

Around 659 Houses Have Been Damaged In Divulapitiya Due To Strong Winds

Around 659 houses in Divulapitiya (Western Province ) have been damaged due to a strong
 winds blown across the area last evening (12) according to the Disaster Management Center.

Due to this 2976 residents are being affected and steps have been taken to provide relief to them the Center has stated.Tri forces are cuurently  being involved in relief work it has been revealed.


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