Saturday, December 29, 2018




A Shop In Thalawakale Had Been Destroyed Completely Due To A Fire

A shop selling retail goods located near
the Main Bus Stand in Thalawakale Town had been destroyed completely with it's  goods this morning (30)due to a sudden fire erupted in the shop it has been reported.

The residents of the area along with Police officers had doused the fire before spreading it further .

The cause of the fire and the value of the  damage occurred due to the incident had not yet been revealed. 



A Garbage Pollution In Ella City?

The Tourist hub Ella in Badulla District  (Uva Province )has faced a threat of garbage pollution as the Garbage collected in Ella Divisional Secretariat  is being dumped in  the  Ella city it has been reported.

As no action is being taken to remove the Garbage from the city it will affect the beauty of the city according to Public .

Seventeen Persons Had Been Injured Due To A Road Accident

Seventeen  persons including Ten
children had been injured after the Van they were travelling  toppled over at   Galanigama ,Bandaragama last morning (29)after colliding with a lamp post .

The injured who are residents of Kalutara area  had faced this incident whilst returning home after visiting Jaffna it has been revealed .

Bandaragama Police are investigating over the incident .

G.C.E Advanced Level Examination Results Released -Department Of Examinations Had Suspended The Examination Results Of 119 Candidates

The Department of Examinations has suspended the results of 119 Candidates who sat for the G.C.E Advanced Level  Examination held last August due to fraudulant activities  ,Whilst releasing the All Island examination results to the Internet last night (29).

According to the Examinations Department 167,907 Advanced Level Candidates out of 321,469 candidates sat for the examination had been selected for University Education .

The results of Schools in Colombo and Jayawardanapura educational zones will be posted today (30) and the results of other schools in the Island due to be posted later today according to Department .

The results of Private candidates are scheduled to be posted to their addresses shortly .

Meanwhile the Examination Department has requested the Advanced Level candidates to apply for rescrutiny of Examination papers before 16th of January.

People In North Praised Sri Lanka Army Over Their Service To Rescue Flood Victims -Former Chief Minister Vigneshwearan Criticised It

Whilst people In Northern Province are
 praising  the Sri Lanka Army personal for the efforts made by   them to rescue flood victims recently  ,Former Chief Minister C.V Wigneshwaran has told Army has done this to clear it's name from war crimes charges.

The former Chief Minister Vigneshwearan has went on saying Army personal have rescued people trapped in  floods to stay in North further .He has made these remarks during a launching ceremony of his new political party held in KilinochchI.

Meanwhile many sections in the society have criticised the former Chief Minister's remarks as Racist comments and urged people in North should have removed this kind of people from politics .

People in North have pasted posters in walls in many areas in North   including Kilinochchi by saying North need the services of Army and Police further by praising their rescue efforts to save flood victims. 




A 14 Year Old School Boy Had Been Drowned In Ma Oya (River)

A 14 year old school boy  has been
drowned whilst bathing in Ma Oya (River)with few other persons  in Bambawala area ,Polgahawela yesterday  (28).

The drowned student  is a resident of Hospital Junction ,Polgahawela it has been revealed.

Navy divers along with Police  officers  and villagers in the area have launched a search mission to find out the drowned student.

Polgahawela Police are conducting an investigation over the incident.


Four Faculties Of Rajarata University Had Been Closed Until Further Notice

Four Faculties of the Rajarata University had been closed down this morning  (29) by the University Authorities untIl further notice due to the Protest launched by a group of students in the University by occupying the Administrative Building since last Thursday  (27).

Accordingly Faculties of Social Sciences and Human Sciences, Manage ment,Applied Science and

All the Students residing in Hostels of the University had been instructed to vacate the premises before 10 a.m today (29) by the authorities .

The four Faculties of the University had been closed due to the inability of the authorities to carry  out the administrative functions as a result of the Protest launched by a group of students according to the Vice Chancellor of the Rajarata University Professor Ranjith Wijewardane .

Although the four Faculties of the University had been closed a group of students still occupying the Administrative Building of the University by demanding to remove the class ban imposed on 16 students of the University  it has been reported .

Twenty Four Line Houses Had Been Destroyed Due To A Fire

Twenty Four Line Houses in an Estate
in Hatton Police Division  had been completely destroyed and Twenty four families lived there had been displaced  as a result due to a sudden fire erupted in a Line House scheme in an Estate attached to Hatton Police Division this morning (29).

No one was injured due to the incident and the fire which erupted in a Line House and spread  to other line houses had been  doused by the fire brigade attached to Hatton -DiKoya Urban Council ,Hatton Police officers  and Estate Workers .

The cause of the fire and the value of the damage occurred as a result of the fire have  not yet been revealed.

Around 150 persons belonging to 24 families of the line houses are being displaced and  they are due to be settled in a section of the estate
 they are working temporarily .

Hatton Police are  Conducting an investigation  over the incident.

A Rugger Player Has Died And Two Others Injured Due To A Elevator Collapse

A 25 year old Rugger player attached to

CR and FC Rugger Club has died and two others had been injured and hospitalized after the elevator he was in attached to a Night Club in Nawam Road,Colombo -02 had collapsed to the ground floor whilst on the way from first floor to ninth floor in wee hours of this morning (29).

The two injured persons had been admitted to Colombo National Hospital for treatment. One of them has already discharged from the Hospital it has been revealed .

The deceased Rugger Player who was a resident of Thalangama North ,Battaramulla has died as a result of jumping out of the elevator when it  collapsed. He was struck between the Elevator and wall due to the incident according to Police. 

Twelve persons were in.the Elevator at the time of the incident. 

Slave Island Police investigating over the incident had called a technical report of the Collapsing of Elevator. 


All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...