Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Police Officers Who Involved In Clash With Free Trade Zone Workers Got Arrested

The Criminal Investigations Department(CID) got arrested two Police Officers  in connection with the clash erupted between Katunayake Free Trade Zone Workers and Police on Monday where one boy was shot .The Clash was erupted when the Police  dispersed Free Trade Zone Workers who were engaged in protest campaign against government's proposed Private Pension Scheme by using tear gas.

A large number of Free Trade Zone Workers and Policemen got injured during the clash and were hospitalized.

Free Trade Zone Worker Who Was Shot During Monday's Clash With Police Died

Twenty One year old Katunayaka Free Trade Zone Worker  Roshen Chanaka who was seriously injured and hospitalized due to the  Clash erupted between free trade zone workers and Police on Monday has succumbed to his injuries this evening.He was admitted to the Ragama Teaching Hospital (In Western Province) last Monday after he was shot during the clash.

Doctors earlier said that his Kidneys too not functioning  well due to the gun shot injury he  had received and one of his  legs need to be removed.The deceased Boy was only joined the service in Free Trade Zone at Katunayake four months ago according to his parents.

 Around 55 injured Free Trade Zone Workers and Policemen were still received treatment in three Hospitals in Colombo and suburbs.

60 Drugs And Surgical Items Are Out Of Stock At MSD And Several Hospitals

There is a shortage of Around 60 Drugs and Surgical Items at the Medical Supplies Division(MSD) and several Government Hospitals these days according to the Health Sources.Amoxacyllin Capsules and Giving Tube Sets use for Saline Bottles and Gentomycine Injections are among the Drugs and Surgical Items which are having short supply at the moment the sources said.

The Medical Supplies Division are conducting Tender Boards for the shortage drugs these days the MSD sources added.

Around 55 Injured During Katunayaka Free Trade Zone Clash Receiving Treatment At Three Govt.Hospitals

Around 55 persons including 14 Police Officers who got injured during a clash between the workers of Katunayaka Free Trade Zone Workers and Police are still receiving treatment at the Colombo National Hospital,Negambo and Ragama Hospitals according to the Hospital Sources.Two of the Crtically injured Trade Zone workers are at the ICU's in Ragama and Negambo Hospitals according to the Sources.

All 14 Police Officers injured during the clash have been awarded at Colombo National Hospital.

IGP Dr.Balasuriya Handed Over His Resignation Prior To His Retirement

The Inspector General Of Police Dr.Mahinda Balasuriya has handed over his resignation to the Ministry Of Defense  today and decided to go on leave till his retirement date on 18th of June according to the Defense Ministry Sources.Dr.Balasuriya who joined the Police Department in 1978 and appointed as the IGP in 02nd of November 2009.He was  succeeded then IGP Jayantha Wikramaratne who was retired at that time.

IGP Dr.Balasuriya has handed over his retirement papers to the president according to the sources.The Ministry Of Defense has stated that the IGP's resiganation creates history on public accountability in Sri Lanka.

61 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (28)

A total of 61 Corona Virus positives had been reported in the Country today (28) until 11.30 p.m ,increasing the total number of Corona ...