Wednesday, August 28, 2013

South Korean PM Arrived Sri Lanka

The Prime Minister of Republic Of Korea Jung Hong Won arrived Sri Lanka this evening for a 3 day official state visit.this was the first time that a south Korean leader has arrived Sri Lanka after a lapse of 36 years since both countries established diplomatic relations in 1977.

South Korean prime minister is due to hold bi lateral talks with sri lankan president and scheduled to be attended  a meeting of local university students during his visit.

Fonterra Has Resumed It's Operations In Sri Lanka

The New Zealand Dairy Company Fonterra which shut down  their office and manufacturing Plant in Sri Lanka last friday due to security reasons has resumed their operations today(28) according to Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Private Limited.

The enjoin order avoiding distribution ,selling and advertising of  all milk products belongs to  Fonterra issued by Gampaha District Court based on the contamination of DCD agro chemical in some of fonterra products too has lifted recently. however the injunction order issued by Court of Appeal by avoiding advertising fonterra milk powder products as 100% safe to consume  will be effective until 02nd of September.

 Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Private Limited has said that they have shut down their office and manufacturing plant here due to safety concerns over  their 755 member staff and assets following  the political party led demonstrations held against the company.

Meanwhile foreign news reports quoted by  New Zealand Ministry Of Primary Industries has said today that   studies conducted in labs had shown that the whey protein concentrate which has said to be contaminated with Bacteria during it's  production at a Plant belongs to Fonterra is not the closteridum botulinum bacteria  causing the disease botulism but a bacteria called closteridum sporogenes which may be associated with food spoilage in elevate levels.

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