Monday, July 16, 2012

Health Ministry Tried To Protect Some Corrupt People -GMOA

Health Ministry has tried to protect some corrupt people attached to the health sector the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has charged  today (16).While speaking at a press briefing held at GMOA Headquarters -Colombo, secretary of GMOA Dr.Chandika Epitakaduwa has said that the way  Health Ministry has  tried to conduct a disciplinary inquiry  against Jaffna General Hospital Director who have faced allegations  over involved in fraud activities when purchasing of a generator and  a stock of iron proved that.

The GMOA has urged authorities to conduct a disciplinary inquiry against Jaffna Hospital director after she will transfer to another hospital .If no action has taken in this regard during  this week GMOA will go for a stern trade union  action he has stressed.

Kala Wewa Wildlife Park Temporary Closed Down

Authorities have temporary  closed down the Kala Wewa Wildlife Park for public  and tourists since yesterday (15) due to a dispute between ...