Monday, July 16, 2012

Health Ministry Tried To Protect Some Corrupt People -GMOA

Health Ministry has tried to protect some corrupt people attached to the health sector the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has charged  today (16).While speaking at a press briefing held at GMOA Headquarters -Colombo, secretary of GMOA Dr.Chandika Epitakaduwa has said that the way  Health Ministry has  tried to conduct a disciplinary inquiry  against Jaffna General Hospital Director who have faced allegations  over involved in fraud activities when purchasing of a generator and  a stock of iron proved that.

The GMOA has urged authorities to conduct a disciplinary inquiry against Jaffna Hospital director after she will transfer to another hospital .If no action has taken in this regard during  this week GMOA will go for a stern trade union  action he has stressed.

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