Thursday, May 30, 2019


President Had Denied Media Reports On He Was Aware Of Easter Sunday Attacks Earlier After One Month

President Maithripala Sirisena has
yesterday  (30)denied media reports saying the President was informed on the Easter Sunday attacks of 21st of April prior to the attacks.

President has denied the media reports alleged him for not taking any action to prevent the Easter Sunday attacks although he was informed on it earlier ,after more then one month since  publishing these reports .

Presidential Media Division has stated quoted the  president that even he was not informed on the intelligence reports received on the attack during a meeting with Police heads on 08 th of April .

Earlier president has not criticised these media reports as he was in Singapore at the time of the attacks .

However former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando who was resigned from the post after the attacks  following President's request has stated earlier that he had informed the president  on the reports received on the attack prior to the incident .


Little More Than 300 Complaints Received Against Dr.Safi Yesterday (30)-Investigation Board Carried Out Investigations Amidst Disturbances

Although no medical test has been
carried out to prove the allegations levelled against Dr.Mohommad Siyabdeen Safi who is under the custody of Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) around 105 mothers had been complained against the doctor over illegal sterilisation to Kurunagala Teaching /Dambulla Hospitals ,and Dambulla, Sigiriya and Galewela Police stations yesterday (30)bringing the total number of complaints received against the doctor so far to little more than 300.

Around 97 mothers had been complained against Dr. Safi to the Kurunagala Teaching hospital yesterday whilst 08 mothers complained to the Dambulla Hospital.

Meanwhile Health Ministry Secretary Wasantha Perera has stated yesterday that the six member investigations board appointed to probe on the allegations against Dr..safi not able to carry out their investigations due to influence of some sections of the Kurunagala Hospital.Some officers of the hospital had removed their evidences given to the board it has been revealed .

However the Investigations Board is due to handover the interim report of the investigations to the Health Secrerary shortly .

Seven Persons Including Five Children Injured And Hospitalized Due To Three Wheeler-Motorcycle Collision

Seven Persons including five school
children have been injured and hospitalized due to a Three Wherler-Motorcycle Collision at Muyhthiyan kattu area of Oddusudan ,Mulathivu last evening  (30).

The injured had been admitted to the Mulathivu Hospital for treatment according to Mulathivu Police.The condition of a Child travelling in the Motorcycle is critical Police have stated

Four of the injured children had been travelling from the Three Wheeler after their Tution classes and one was travelling in the Motorcycle at the time of the incident. 

CID Is Probing On More Than 1800 Telephone Numbers Related To 09 Easter Sunday Bombers

Criminal Investigations Department
(CID) is currently investigating on more than 1800 telephone numbers  used by 09 Easter Sunday bombers and those  who had called them to findout more on the persons involved in the Easter Sunday attacks.

CID has already identified some contacts of the 09 suicide bombers Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare has stated during a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday (30).

87 Suspects including 09 females arrested ovet Easter Sunday attacks  are being under the detention of CID and Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) Police Media Spokesman has revealed.



Due To Poor Cigarette Tax Policy Sri Lanka Has Lost Nearly Rs.100 Billion Income During last FIve Years

Due to the lapses of  Tax system imposed on Cigarettes  by the  Ministry of Finance Sri Lanka has lost nearly Rs.100 billion worth income during last five year period  accordance to The executive director of the Alcohol and Drug information center (ADIC) PubUdu Sumanasekara .

The huge amount of income loss faced  by the government  due to the small percentage of tax imposed on Cigarettes and as the percentage is not affected to cigarette smokers much the Tobacco company has also increased the price of Cigarettes from a certain percentage and selling it to smokers so the income of the company can be increased He has stressed .

Addressing a Media Seminar held yesterday (29)at Sri Lanka Medical Association auditorium in Colombo on World No Tobacco day  falls tomorrow (31) The executive director of ADIC has stressed that if the Sri Lankan government recieves the large amount of income which has lost during last five years through that can make projects like moragahakanda ,Southern Expressway and Katunayaka Expressway Pubidu Sumanasekara  has further stated .

Traffic Light System To be Implemented On Solid And Half Solid Foods From 01st of June

Traffic light system indicating the sugar,salt and fat content in Solid and Half Solid food items is scheduled to be implemented with effect from 01st of June according to Ministry Of Health.

Under this Implementing traffic light system in these food items manufactured after 01st of June is compulsory .

Accordingly Green, Orange and Red circles will be printed in the wrappers of Solid and Half Solid food items indicating low ,medium and maximum sugar/salt /fat contents respectively the Ministry has stated .

A Gazette Notification regarding implementing traffic light system on Solid and Half Solid food items has been released on 12th of April it has been revealed .

Food manufacturing companies have reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health regarding implementing this system in view of reducing the spreading of non communicable diseases in the society .

However Health Minister Dr.Rajitha. Rajitha Senaratne has given a Three month concessionary period for small and medium food manufacturers to implement this traffic light system in their products according to request of the nanufacutters as they need a time to get checked the content of Sugar, Salt and fat content in their products through a Laboratory. 

Overweight And Obesity Among School Children Are On The Increase -Nutrition Division Head

overweight and Obesity which lead to non communicable diseases (NCD)among School children are on the increase according to The director of Nutrition Division in Ministry of Health Dr.Lakmini Moragodathanna .

Accordingly 6.1 percent of School Children attached to Grade 6 to 12 are overweight and 2.9 percent are obsessed She has stressed .

Addressing a Media Seminar held today (30)at Health Promotions Bureau in Colombo regarding the  National Nutrition Month falls in June Dr.Lakmini has stated that due to wrong food choices and physical inactivity among School children the risk of being overweight and obsessed is high .

According to the newest survey carried out in 2016 it has Been revealed that majority of School children . western Province are overweight and obsessed.

Overweight and obesity caused non communicable diseases like diabetes ,heart diseases ,High Blood pressure, Cholesterol ,Bone related diseases she has stressed.

Addressing the seminar Head of the Nutrition Unit of Medical Research Institute in Colombo Dr.Renuka Jayathissa has said the "BMI Value (weight divided by the height  )of the children should be measured up to the 18 years of age to minimize overweight and Obesity among children .

The Deputy Director General Of Health services (Public health -2)Dr.Susi Fernando has stressed the need to minimise overweight and Obesity. 


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