Monday, April 23, 2018

Fourty Dansala's In Colombo Have Been Registered Up To Now-Colombo Chief MOH

Around 40 Dansala's(Alms giving centers)have been registered in Colombo ,Public Health Department up to today(23) for the forthcoming Wesak  week according to the Chief Medical Officer (MOH)of Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.

Addressing a press briefing held today(23)at Health Education Bureau in Colombo Dr.Wijemuni has stated that majority of these Dansala's are rice dansala's numbering 16 and there are noodles,Manioc,Buns and Soup dansala's as well registeted up to now.

The food and liquids prepared by Dansala's should be clean as well as utensils use to prepare them he has stressed.

Public Health Inspectors will monitor these Dansala's during the Wesak period he said.

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Two Persons Have Been Injured After A Soil Mount Collapsed On Them

Two persons who were involved in
constructing a house have been injured and hospitalized after a soil mount collapsed on them in Sangamitta Road at Kandy this morning(23).

The injured have been admitted to the Kandy Teaching Hospital for treatment and their condition is not serious according to the Police.The injured had faced the incident while cutting soil to construct the House it has been revealed.

A Russian National Had Drowned In Hikkaduwa Sea Area

A 58 year old Russian national had
drowned while bathing in the sea area of Wewala,Hikkaduwa area today(23)  according to Hikkaduwa Police.

The Russian national had drifted away by the strong sea waves while bathing and people around had rescued him and admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital .

However he died  at the time of admission it has been reported.

Another Tragedy: A Female Had Killed Her Infant And Committed Suicide Due To Mental Illness

A 32 year old female suffering from a
mental illness had killed her 10 month old infant boy and committed suicide by hanging herself at her house in Ela area in Habarakada,Hiniduma this morning(23).

The deceased female had received for her mental illness at the time of the incident according to the Police Media Spokesman 's office.

Hiniduma Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

Twenty Nine Bus Passangers Were Injured Due To A Road Accident

Twenty nine passangers including the
driver have been injured few of them critically ,and hospitalized after the Sri Lanka Transport Board bus travelling from Hatton to Sammale area veering off the road and fallen to a around fifteen feet precipice at Norwood -niweligama area on Hatton -Maskeliya main road today(23).

The injured were admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred due to the Bus driver's inability to control the speed of the Bus according to the Police.




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