Thursday, May 14, 2015


Shocking Revelation-Female Sex Workers Of The Age Group 70-75 In The Country Are On The Increase

Female Sex Workers of the age group 70 to 75 years old who are engage in  sex industry throughout the island  are on the increase a latest survey has revealed,The most shocking revelation of this survey is that the  majority of  clients comes to these veteran sex workers are  school boys of  the ages of 15 and 16 years .

According to the Abhimani Womens' Organization which carried out this survey, the sex workers belongs to the 70 to 75 year category are the ones who were in the sex industry when they were young and now due to the pressure of their children and grand children entered  the sex industry again to earn money for their families."The children and grand children of most of these aged sex workers have forced them to engage in the sex industry again with the aim of earning money through them" Abhimani Women's Organization has said.

These aged sex workers are mostly engage in sex industry of the streets in   City Areas it has been revealed.

"Now these aged sex workers and their young clients too become risk groups which can spreading the HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases in the society" the organization  has further  said.


Veteran Athlete Sugath Thilakaratne Has Been Elected As The New President Of Sri Lanka Athletic Association

Veteran Athlete Sugath Thilakaratne has been elected as the new President of  Sri Lanka Athletic Association today(14).At the Election of Sri Lanka Athletic Association which was held today at the Auditorium of National  Institute Of Sports Science At the election Sugath Thilakeratne has defeated his main contender to the Post Of President Upali Kumarasiri by majority of 59 votes .

The former 400 meters runner Thilakaratne has been received 83 votes at  the election and  retired DIG Kumarasiri has received 24 votes. 


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Major General Jagath C Dias Appointed As New Chief Of Staff Of The Army

Major General Jagath C Dias has been appointed as the new chief of staff of the Sri Lankan Army with effect from 07th of May according to the Army Headquarters.

He is currently serving as the Commander of Security Forces- Mulativu District in the Northern Province.