Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Government To Reduce Annual Wheat Flour Consumption

The Government has aims to reduce per ca pita consumption of Wheat Flour from current 26 Kilo grammes per annum to 16 Kilo Gramme as Sri Lanka has achieved self sufficiency in Rice  this year according to Minister Of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksha.

GMOA Colombo National Hospital Branch Has Passed A Resolution On Launching An Island Wide Doctors Strike

The  Colombo National Hospital Branch of Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has today (15th) passed a resolution on launching an Island wide strike action of doctors from 21st of May (Monday) demanding increase of  DAT Allowance the GMOA sources have said.The resolution is due to produce before  GMOA membership when the General Committee meets on this coming Sunday (20th) the sources added.

The urgent meeting of GMOA general committee is scheduled to be summoned on this Sunday under the instructions of some Executive Committee members of the Union  as  main officers keep silent over the future trade union action to win DAT Allowance demand it has been learned.

The GMOA Colombo National Hospital Branch which met today became a battle ground as most of the participant Doctors accused and hooting over one of the main officers in GMOA who attended the meeting as a member of  GMOA National Hospital Branch.Most of  doctors out of around 400 participated the meeting blamed the said  officer over suspending of last Friday's  island wide strike action without consulting GMOA Membership. They also accused that the strike ended without getting any solution for their demand and on the other hand before Colombo District Court has issued an enjoining order preventing  strike.

Some doctors have criticized the whole Executive Committee of  GMOA by branding them as a flop team and urged them to step down immediately if they cannot function according to the likes of their membership.

French Bus Driver Dies Over Face Mask Attack

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