Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hambantota And Colombo/Northern Province Identified As The Areas Having Highest And Lowest Life Expectancy Rates

Hambantota District (in Southern Province) has identified as the Area having highest rate of life expectancy in Sri Lanka while Colombo District and Northern Province are having the lowest life expectancy rate according to the newest statistics issued by the United Nations Fund For Population Activities(UNFPA).

UNFPA has stated that the life expectancy rate of Hambantota is 79.6 years and the life expectancy rates of Colombo District and Northern Province is 66.9 years.Sri Lanka also rated as a country which having highest growth rate of Adult Population amongst the developing countries where the population compromised only 26 % of youth.

As Sri Lankan population is now over 20 million ,10 % of the population compromised with adults according to the latest statistics available.The Additional Secretary of the Ministry Of Health Dr.Palitha Mahipala has said that this percentage of adult population is expected to stand as 20 % by the year 2025.

With the increase of adult population chllanges like Caring the elderly,Providing Social and Financial Security ,Health Care problems will arise and the Government has already implemented new schemes to meet these challanges he stressed.

These facts revealed during a Media Seminar held today (25) at the Health Education Bureau Auditorium under the theme "The Social Challanges faced after the Global Population reached 7 Billion by 31st of October this year"

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