Saturday, February 4, 2017


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A Person With More Than Seven Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis Arrested In Mundalama

A person was arrested while transporting 7 kilo
grammes and 30 grammes of Kerala Cannabis brought from India  by special police task force personal of  Rajagiriya  at Mundalama-Madurankuliya area (North Western Province)last night (04)

The 41 year old suspect who is a resident in Koththanthivu area was arrested while transporting the stock of kerala cannabis in a cab.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Puttalam magistrate court.


A Jailor Was Attacked In A Bus At Galle

A jailor attached to the Galle Prison had received
serious injuries to one of his eyes after being assaulted by a group of underworld gang in a bus at Unvatuna ,Galle (Southern Province) it has bern reported.

He is due to  undergo a surgery for his eye injury sources said.

The Jailor had been assaulted by six persons  while on  his way to duty.Although the whereabouts of the attackers had been revealed ,no one was arrested regarding the incident so far sources revealed.

Bangladeshi Coast Guard Ship "Thajudeen"Arrived At Trincomalee Harbor

A Bangladeshi  Coast Guard ship
"Thajudeen"arrived at Trincomalee Harbor (Eastern Province) for a Goodwill visit .

After the arrival of the Ship it's commander Muhammad Hassan Tariq has been welcomed by the Eastern naval command.

The crew of the Bangladeshi Ship engaged in various activities organized to strengthen the friendship between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka it has been reported .

The Ship left the island  yeserday(05).

A Person Was Arrested During A Raid In Cannabis Cultivation

Koslande Police have arrested a person with a stock of "sambar "flesh in his possession during
 a raid carried out in a cannabis cultivation on a pretext of  Banana Cultivation at Beragala-Koslanda in Ussalla)area(Uva Province).

Police have raided a half  acre land in Beragala which cultivated  Canabies .

An Indian National Was Arrested While Photographing Prime Minister's Official Residence

Police have arrested an Indian National while
photographing prime minister Ranil Wikramasinghe's official residence "Temple Trees"in colpettty  (Colombo)on suspicion last noon.

According to the Police Media Spokesman's  Office the suspect has been identified as a 36 year old resident of Tamil Nadu ,India who lives in Wellawatte .He has been detained by Police for further questioning .


More Than 20 Acres Of Land In A Forest Reserve At Ginigathhena Destroyed Due To A Fire

More than 20 acres of land has been destroyed due to
a sudden fire erupted in a forest area near the Water Board office in Gibihathhena (Central Province).

Due to the dry weather condition prevailing at present  and the winds ,controlling the fire which reported as spreading rapidly towards norton bridge area has become difficult.

The Police,residents of the area and Lakshapana Camp officials are attempting to douse the fire at present it has been reported.

All Faculties Within Matara-Wellamadama Premises Of Ruhunu University Closed Indefinitely

Matara-Wellamadama premises of University of
Ruhuna has been closed down indefinitley today (04) following a clash occurred between a group of University Students and villagers.

Accordingly faculties of Agriculture,Humanities,Science ,Social Sciences ,Fisheries,Marine Sciences and Management located within the wellamadama premises have  closed and the administrators informed the students to vacate the hostels by this afternoon.

A Group Conducted A Protest Campaign While Official Independence Day Celebrations Were Being Held

While an official Independence day celebrations held
in Colombo and District Secretariat in Jaffna today (04) a group of persons conducted a protest rally in Jaffna this morning over several demands including  the removal of Army from Northern Province , findout the missing persons and release of  tamil political prisoners.

The group including Northern Provincial Councilors Anandee Shasheedaren and M.K Sivajilingam conducted  the protest campaign on A-9 Road in front of the District Secretariat premises where the Independence day celebrations were held.

A tense situation has occurred during the protest after police have informed the protesters  to refrain from protesting based on a court order issued by Jaffna Magistrate Court.

President Has Converted Death In Row Sentences Of 60 Prisoners To Life Imprisonment

President Maithripala Sirisena has today
(04)converted jail sentences of 60  Prisoners in Sri Lankan jail's who were sentenced to death in row to life imprisonment to mark 69th Independence day of the country which falls today(04).

President has implemented this according to the recommendations made by Minister Of Justice Wijedasa Rajapakshe based on a report of an expert committee appointed to look into converting death in row sentences to life imprisonment .




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