Monday, July 29, 2019



A Three Wheeler Had Caught Fire At Badulla

A couple and a small child had
narrowly escaped  after the Three Wheeler they were travelling in suddenly catching a fire at Madithale are in Badulla -Mahiyangana Main road  today (29).

The Three Wheeler had caught fire and destroyed it has been revealed .

As the Three Wheeler Driver had seen a fire erupted in rare part of the Three Wheeler whilst travelling to Bandarawela from  GiranduruKotte he had quickly removed his wife and child from the Three Wheeler .

However certificates belonging to the Three Wheeler driver's wife  who was on the way   for a teaching interview, which were inside  the three Wheeler at the time of the incident , had destroyed due to the  fire .

Importing Cashew Nuts To Be Suspended

Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation  has decided to suspend the importation of Cashew nuts from other countries.

According to the Chairman of the Cashew nut Corporation DamsirI Bandara issuing licences to Cashew nut  importers has been suspended as there'a an increase of local Cashew nut harvest.

Two Ten Month Old Twins Were Killed By A Female

deceased සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලA Female had hacked her ten month old twin girls to death in a Bathroom of  her house at  m Samnathurai area in wee hours of this morning (29) it has been revealed.

The suspected female was also injured and admitted to Kalmunai North hospital for treatment .

The father of the Twins had recovered the bodies of his children and informed it o the Police it has been revealed.Police have also recovered the sharp object used by the female for the crime .

Later Police officers attached to Samnathurai Police and Crimes Investigation  officers of the Ampara Police have arrived in the house to investigate on the matter.

The suspected female is suffering from a mental disorder since the sudden death of her other child who has died after falling into a washing machine. 

විශ්වසනීය ආදරයක් හා මිත්‍රත්වයක් ජීවිතය කාලය පුරා පවත්වාගත හැක්කේ එකිනෙකාට පමණක් නොව තමාටද අවංක වන්නේනම් පමණකි- වැරදීමකින් සිදු වූ පළුද්දක් නැවත සිදු නොවීමට වගබලාගැනීම හොඳ සබඳතාවයක ප්‍රධාන ලක්ෂණයයි "

අදාළ රූපය

Brazil jail riot in Para state leaves 52 dead as gangs fight


A civilian At Mulathivu Army Base Hanged Himself

අදාළ රූපය
A 57 year old Civilian Chef attached to the Engineering Division Army  Base at Mulathivu had hanged himself inside the Base this Morning (29).

The deceased was a resident of Kekirawa area and his body had been sent to Mulathivu Base Hospital for the Post Mortem .

The cause behind the incident has not yet been revealed .Mulliyaweli Police are conducting an Investigations over the incident .

Four Out Of Seven Muslim Ministers Who Had Resigned From Ministerial Portfolios Sworn In Again In Their Portfolios

අදාළ රූපය
Four out of Seven Muslim Ministers who had resigned from their posts recently due to a fasting  campaign launched by MP Athuraliye Rathana Thero requesting to resign some Muslim Politicians from their posts ,have again taken oaths in their previous Ministerial Posts in front of President Maithripla Sirisena few hours ago.

Accordingly Rauf Hakeem had sworn in as Minister of Urban Planning ,Water Supplies and Higher Education ,Rishad Baduideen had sworn in as Minister of Industries,Commerce,Cooperative Development and Vocational Training ,Amir Ali Zeid Mohommad Siyabdeen as Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation andAbdulla Maharoof as Deputy Minister of Ports and Shipping at Presidents Offical Residence in Colombo .

However Faisal Qasiim ,Ali Zahir Maulana and H.M Haris not yet been  accepted their previous  portfolios according to sources.

Meanwhile MP Buddhika Pathirana who was handled the Ministry of Industries and Commerce had sworn in as new State Minister of Industries and Commerce .

Police Used Tear Gas To Diseperse Protest March Of Unemployed Graduates

Riot Police have fired tear gas and
water canons to disperse a protest march of Joint Unemployed Graduates Union held at Lotus Roundabout in Colombo Fort this  evening (29).

The incident occurred when the Protesting students demanding solutions for their issues had attempted to march towards Presidential Secretariet .

Police used road barricades to block the road to avoid protesters to move on .
However student protesters who had began their march from Colombo Fort Railway station had attemptrd  to march towards the preseidential Secretariet when they have faced the tear gas attack.

Several protesters have faced difficulties due to the attack and seen blaming Police over the attack .

Due to the protest Galle face entry road had closed down from Lotus Roundabout  this evening by the police. Due to this heavy traffic had prevailed in surrounding roads . 

One Third Of Annual Pregnancies In Sri Lanka Are Estimated As Unplanned Pregnancies-UNFPA

In Sri Lanka, about 360,000 women become pregnant every year. One out of three of these pregnancies
are estimated to be unplanned pregnancies according to the United Nations Fund For Population Activities (UNFPA).. When a pregnancy is unplanned or unintended, it can be detrimental to the woman and her family, including the expected child and other children, as well as to the health system and society at large. 

In 2017, about 326,000 live births took place in Sri Lanka. and  127 maternal deaths being reported in this year. Out of these maternal deaths, 28 mothers died due to the consequences of having an unplanned pregnancy. In this same year, the number of stillbirths reported was 1,770 .UNFPA has stressed.

. Every woman has the basic human right to decide whether, when and with whom to have children. This right was reaffirmed in 1994 in Cairo at the landmark International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), where 179 governments – including Sri Lanka – agreed that sexual and reproductive health and women’s empowerment are intertwined, and are at the heart of sustainable development.

At the Annual Academic Sessions of the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) facilitated a dialogue with Religious Leaders, Parliamentarians, Healthcare Professionals, Legislators, Civil Society, and the Media, at Hotel Galadari last Saturday (27) to provide a platform for open discussion and to dispel myths and misconceptions around family planning.

Dr. Kapila Jayaratne, Secretary of SLMA and Consultant Community Medicine, said; “Each year, about 360,000 women become pregnant. One out of three pregnancies is an unplanned pregnancy that might cause mental stress and high costs for the mothers and the families”. 
Speaking at the session, Ms. Madusha Dissanayake, Assistant Representative of UNFPA Sri Lanka highlighted; “Family planning saves lives. It can prevent unwanted pregnancies and avert unsafe abortions. 

Dr. Anula Wijesundere, President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association noted,“There are many misconceptions around family planning. It must be understood that it is not about population control. Family planning is about empowering women and giving them the choice .

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