Monday, August 22, 2016

A 61 Year Old Russian Had Drowned To Death While Sea Bathing In Koggala

Image result for sea bathing at koggalaA 61 year old Russian had drowned to death while sea bathing off the Koggala Sea at Habaraduwa(In Southern Province) area according to the sources.

The life saving guards have  managed to rescue the drowning Russian  and he was later declared as dead upon admission to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital the sources have stated.

The body of the deceased is snow lying at the Karapitiya Hospital for post mortem.

Habaraduwa Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Speaker Has Signed The Bill Establishing Office Of Missing Persons

Image result for speaker karu jayasuriyaThe Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has short while ago signed the bill establishing the office of missing persons at the Parliament.

Parliament has passed the office of missing persons act on 11th of August without a vote amidst protests of the Joint Opposition Group MP's led by former president Mahinda Rajapakshe.

After speaker's signature the bill establishing the office of missing persons will become a law with immediate effect.

The office of missing persons is due to help and search to  trace the missing persons.submit recommendations to the authorities to take measures on missing persons , protect the rights of missing persons and their relatives and identifying the ways that missing persons and their relatives can obtain relief .

The office after establishing is due to trace those who had disappeared during the 26 year old war against LTTE Rebels and the armed revolution launched by Marxist JVP against the government between 1987-89 period.

The office of missing persons is due to collect data on missing persons through government and other institutions and centralize all data in it's  data base.


Health Minister To Submit A Cabinet Paper To Ban Importing Areca Nut Based Products To Sri Lanka

Image result for areca nutMinister of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is due to submit a cabinet paper to the cabinet soon regarding the ban importing of .Areca nut based products like "Babul"and "Beeda" to sri lanka in view of reducing the spreading of oral cancer in the society according to the Ministry Of Health  .

Due to the chewing Areca nuts and products based on it spreading oral cancer in sri lanka  is on the increase according to the Ministry,

Recently a six month old infant in Peradeniya and one and half year old child In another area have shown symptoms of oral cancer due to mistakenly consumed Areca nut pieces chewed by their parents the health minister has revealed.


Two Unidentified Persons Had Stolen Rs.1.8 Million From A Female At Ambalangoda

Two unidentified persons who arrived in a motor bicycle had stolen Rs.1.8 million belonging to a female and run away at Ambalangoda in Galle District yesterday (22) morning according to the police.

This robbery has occurred when the female had taken the money from a private bank and on her way to deposit the money in her bank account it has been revealed.

Ambalangoda Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Police Have Detained Four Suspects With A Rifle And Live Ammunition At Marawila

Image result for detained personMarawila Police have detained four persons with a rifle and live ammunition in   Thabbowa at Marawila area today (22).

The arrest of these suspects was made following a complaint received by the police that the suspects had fired shots into the air at dunkannawa Area.The rifle and the ammunition were recovered from the  culvert as per the information received from one of the suspects it has been revealed.

Marawila Police are conducting further investigations on the incident.


Police Narcotic Bureau Officials Had Detained An Individual With Around 1.5 Kilo Grammes Of Heroin

Police Narcotic Bureau officials had today (22)detained an individual at Wellawatte(In Colombo) area with a haul of heroin weighing around 1.5 kilo grammes in his possession it has been reported.

According to the tip off received by the police narcotic bureau officials they have detained the suspect while he was travelling from his motor bicycle.

The estimated street value of the detained haul of heroin is over Rs.10 million the police narcotic bureau has stated.

Health Minister To Increase The Taxes Imposed On Locally Made Cigars And Beedi

Sri Lankan  Government has to spend Rs.147 billion annually to treat the patients who fall sick due to tobacco related diseases according to the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

Due to this situation The Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has decided to increase the taxes imposed on locally made "cigars 'and 'beedi' similar to the increase made on taxes imposed on cigarettes to further deter the smoking in the country the ministry has stated.

Health Minister has already submitted a cabinet memorandum to the cabinet to increase taxes imposed on imported cigarettes from 72% to 90% and the cabinet is due to discuss the memorandum  during tomorrow's meeting

According to the Health Ministry the Minister is planning to increase the cigarette taxes by further 50%  next year.

Director General Of Civil Aviation Had Suspended The Licence Of The Alcohol Test Failed Pilot

The director general of civil aviation has today (22) suspended the license of Sri Lankan Air Lines pilot who had failed the Alcohol Test(Breathalyzer) at the Frankfurt Air Port in Germany.
Image result for sri lankan air lines
The pilot who is the captain of the Sri Lankan flight UL-554 which delayed 15 hours to take off on Friday at Frankfurt Air Port due to his absence was earlier suspended from the service by the Sri Lankan Air Lines Authorities.

Due to the long delay of the flight Sri Lankan Air Lines had provided food and accommodation for the 259 local and foreign passengers who were standard .The Air Lines is due to compensate the flight's passengers according to the European Unions regulations.

If the Air Lines has made an arrangement to compensate the passengers as per the European Union's regulations one passenger should be paid around 600 euros based on the distance between Frankfurt and Colombo according to sources.

Sri Lankan Air Lines has launched an investigation on the flight delay.


Health Officials In Kaththankudy MOH Had Detained Four Traders Who Have Sold Food Items Not Suitable For Consumption At Kaththankudy

Image result for detainedThe health officials attached to the Kaththankudy (Eastern Province)MOH Office  had today(22) detained four traders who have sold food items which are not suitable for human consumption to the consumers during a raid carried out in Kaththankudy Area.

During the raid the Health Officials have taken into custody a stock of sweets and soft drink bottles which are not suitable for consumption at the trade centers belonging to the suspects.

The suspects are due to produce before Batticaloa Magistrate Court tomorrow(23).

Another 38 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged Today (07) After Full Recovery

Another 38 Corona positives had been recovered and discharged today (07)from government Hospitals, increasing the total number of Corona...