Saturday, January 5, 2013

Met Department Warned Fishermen In Matara And Potuvil To Reftain From Fishing Due To Low Preassure Area

The Metereological Department has warned fishermen in coastal areas of Matara to Potuvil to refrain from going to sea these fays due to the low preassure area developed in bay of bengal.the low preassure area in bay of bengal is in 450 km of Potuvil and it may cause rough sea waves the department has added.

Due to the influence of low preassure area showers with gusty winds will continue throught the island furher met department has said.

Price Of A 12.5 KG Gas Cylinder Goes Up

The price of  a 12.5 KG domestic LP Gas Cylinder has increased by Rs.150 with effect from midnight tonight according to consumer affairs authority .according to the new price revision the price of a LP gas cylinder will be Rs.3396.

Gas Companies were earlier requested consumer affairs authority to increase the price of a gas cylinder.

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