Tuesday, November 8, 2016




A Special Two Day Dengue Control Programme To Be Conducted In Colombo On 10th And 11th Of November

A special Dengue Control Programme is due to be conducted on 10th And 11th of November in Colombo District  the Ministry Of Health, Nutrition and  Indigenous Medicine has announced .

This two day Dengue Control Programme is  conducted by aiming State/Private Institutes,Schools Religious Places and Construction sites which are identified as major Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places in the Colombo District the Ministry has stated.

Nearly 45,000 Dengue Patients have been reported from Sri Lanka this year from January up to now .


A Three Member Committee Appointed To Investigate On The Tense Situation Ocurred At Presidential Secretariat Yesterday

Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake had appointed a three member committee headed by Deputy Inspector General Of Police C.D Wikramaratne to investigate on the  tense situation occurred in front of the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (07) when the police used tear gas and water canons to disperse a group of retired disabled soldiers after they have  attempted to forcibly  enter the secretariat .

Meanwhile government has today stated that there's a conspiracy behind the tense situation occurred in front of Presidential Secretariat yesterday.

Three Persons Arrested Over The Links With "Ava" Group Remanded Until 16th Of November

Three persons  arrested in Jaffna recently  over  links with "Ava" crimes  gang which is terrorizing several parts in Jaffna at present were remanded today (08) by the Colombo Additional Magistrate until 16th of November after being produced before the court.

The three suspects were arrested over involved in violent activities in Jaffna .

The group of Criminal Investigations  Department  (CID) officers who went to Jaffna had arrested six persons believed to be members of the "Ava" Group in Jaffna  last weekend.

Officers Belonging To Three Health Catagories Are Due To Launch An Island Wide Strike Tomorrow (09)

Entamalogy Officers,Public Health Inspectors and Public Health Laboratory Technical Officers are due to launch an island wide one day strike tomorrow (09) against the Health Ministry's decision to providing technical facts contains in the training programmes of these officers to other health catagories.

The strike will begin at 8 a.m tomorrow (09) and will continue until 8 a.m on next day (10) the president of the Health Services Entamalogy Officers Association Najith Sumanasena has stressed.

Due to the strike ,activities of these officers including entamalogy surveys on dengue,raiding of shops/Pharmacies/Hotels and carrying out filaria and malaria blood tests will be paralayzed tomorrow he has stressed.

Around 3500 members belonging to the above three health services will participate the strike and a discussion is due to be held tomorrow with another five para medical catagories regarding  jointly launching a trade union action against the Health Ministry's decision The president of Entamalogy Officers Association has further stated. 

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Lanka Private Bus Owners Association Has Warned To Launch Bus Strike If Government Do Not Take Steps To Reduce Traffic In Colombo

The President of the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association Gamunu Wijeratne has today (08) warned the government that a private bus strike will be launched if the authorities  do not take steps to provide solutions for the heavy traffic congestion currently  prevailing  in Colombo and suburbs before 15th of this month.

If the authorities fails to provide solutions for the traffic Private Bus Owners will withdraw their buses from 30 routes in colombo and suburbs from 15th of November he has stressed .

Due to the current traffic congestion the speed of a private bus reduced to 4 kilo meters per hour and situation is worse during the emergancy situations Gamunu Wijeratne has further said.

Awissawella High Court Granted Bail To Another Too Military Intelligence Officers Arrested Over The Disappearance Of Prageeth Eknaligoda

Two Military Intelligence Officers who were in remand over the disappearance of  cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda have been released on bail by the Awissawella High Court today (08).

Accordingly the two suspected Military Intelligence Officers have been released on three personal bails of Rs.3 million each and a cash bail of Rs.1 milion after being produced before the high court.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has arrested a Sargent,An Army Corprol and two lieutenants regarding the disappearance of Eknaligoda.

Awissawella High Court has granted bail to another four Army Intelligance Officers arrested and remanded over the disappearance  on 19th of September and two Army Intelligance Officers have been granted bail on 24th of October.

Cartoonist Eknaligoda had been reported as missing since 24th of January 2010.

Court Of Appeal Suspended The Remand Order Issued To Former MP Tiran Alles-Ordered To Release Him

The Court Of Appeal has today (08)suspended the remand order imposed on former MP and owner of Mawubima/Ceylon Today newspapers issued by the Colombo High Court  and ordered to release him after considering a revision petition filed by Alles.

A revision petition filed by former MP Alles seeking to suspend the Colombo High Court's remand order which he claims as against the law was taken up for hearing   by the Court Of Appeal today (08).

Colombo High Court on 02nd of November has ordered to remand former MP Alles and two others until 10th of November over misappropriating  public funds received to build tsunami houses through the RADA (Reconstruction and Development Agency) in 2006.

In last August Attorney General has recommended to  file indictments in Colombo High Court against four suspects of the case including Former MP Tiran Alles and former financial head of the LTTE in northern and eastern provinces Emil Kanthan over the misappropriation of public funds through RADA.


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