Monday, March 31, 2014

Customs Officers Have Arrested Two Persons Tried To Take Rs.4.5 Million Worth Currency Notes Out Of The Country

The Customs Officers attach to Katunayake Air Port have yesterday (31)arrested two Sri Lankans who have tried to take  Rs.4.5 million worth currency notes out of the country according to customs officers.the two suspects were arrested when they tried to fly Singapore by carrying  Rs.3 million and Rs.1.5  million worth currency notes respectively in their luggage   sources said..

The normal amount of money that could  be carried
by a passenger when traveling abroad is Rs.20 ,000 and the said passengers have carried excess that  amount sources further added.the customs officers are investigating the matter  further.


Friday, March 28, 2014

President Ordered To Release All Indian Fishermen In Custody

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has instructed authorities today(28) to release all Indian Fishermen who are in Sri Lankan custody at present the president media has said.

President's move has seen as a act of goodwill towards the decision taken by India on abstain  from voting  when  passed the resolution against Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting held in Geneva yesterday(27).the resolution which was passed by 12 vote majority urged to promote reconciliation,human rights and accountability in Sri Lanka.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25,000 Rotten Oranges Found From Pettah

The Consumer Affairs Authority has found around  25,000 rotten Oranges which are not good for consumption from Pettah Area according to the authority.the  stock of rotten oranges has been imported from China and it has found that these oranges were sold to customers for lower prices.

PSNU Has Questioned On The Credibility Of Health Ministry Investgations

The President of Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU)  Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero has today(25) strongly questioned from  health ministry officials how they have  ignored investigating on a health institution director who has received  the salary of a consultant doctor Fraudulently  for 15 years and began investigations on how nurses received midwifery training per the request of government medical officers association(GMOA).

The PSNU President has stressed that Health Ministry should investigate on the said corrupt doctor who himself is not a consultant although he has fraudulently taken the consultant doctor's becomes a joke of the year that the health ministry officials investigating on the midwifery training received by nurses and on the other hand ignored investigation on a corrupt health official.

Government Medical Officers Association has using Sri Lankan Midwives to attack government hospital nurses in order to create hatred among health unions venerable thero has said.

Addressing a media briefing held at Abayaramaya Temple in Narahenpita,Colombo this morning  ,venerable Muruththettuwe Thero has stated that the government hospital nurses numbering 30,000  have decided to launch an island wide continuous strike action after 29th of this month if the health ministry has failed to solve the dispute rise over the midwifery training given to nurses immediately .

Monday, March 24, 2014

Government Hospital Nurses To Launch An Island Wide Continuous Strike

In the latest  development on the dispute between Government Nurses  and Doctors  over the midwifery training given to the  nurses, the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) has decided to launch an  island wide continuous strike of nurses after 29th of this month by demanding a solution from the ministry of health to the dispute.

Besides the forthcoming strike the government hospital nurses have already withdrawn from attending ward rounds with doctors inside the hospital while hospital matrons and special grade nurses have withdrawn from administration work as a protest.

The nurses have launched this protest campaign against doctors decision to suspend midwifery training given to new entrant nurses.

Although nurses are not assisting  hospital doctors in their work   nursing care towards patients will be continued  as usual PSNU said.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Faculties Of University Of Colombo Have Temporarily Closed Down

The faculties of Arts and Education of the University Of Colombo have been temporarily closed down until further notice with effect from today(23) according to the University Administration.the faculties were closed due to the problems risen when enrolling of new students for this year sources said.the date of recommencing   studies will be announced later sources have added.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

GMOA Exco Committee Team Has Been Defteated In Colombo National Hospital Branch Union Elections

The team that selected by executive committee of the government medical officers association(GMOA)to contest the elections of selecting office bearers for the newly established branch union of Colombo National Hospital has been defeated by a team  opposing GMOA executive committee.

GMOA executive committee has dissolved the Colombo National Hospital branch union around two years back due to their opposition to the committee.the 1700 doctors attach to  National Hospital however
elected the opposition team again for the branch union during the elections disappointing the GMOA executive committee.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Western Provincial Government Hospital Doctors To Launch A Continuous Strike

Doctors attach to all government hospitals in Western Province have decided to launch a continuous strike from next Tuesday(25) onwards  by demanding a fresh disciplinary action against Western Provincial Director General Of Health Services Dr.Amal Harsha De Silva for using abusive language against a medical administrator and implement his formal transfer with immediate effect according to Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA).

Dr.Amal Harsha was charged for using abusive language against the medical administrator of Awisswella Base Hospital recently and all doctors attach to the hospital have staged a one day token strike on 03rd of March as a  protest to  the incident.

However the Health Ministry Secretary has still not conducted an inquiry on
the incident and  trying to protect the accused provincial health director from charges GMOA has stated.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Presidential Commission On Missing Persons Commenced It's First Public Sitting In Eastern Province

The Presidential Commission investigates on missing persons of Northern and Eastern Provinces during the period 1990-2009 has  up to now received around 16,000 complaints from island wide it has been revealed .out of these complaints around 9300 are complaints on civil disappearances and 4300 are on disappearances of security personal.

The Commission has commenced it's first public sitting in the eastern province district  of Batticloe today(20).the first public hearing on missing persons scheduled to be held until 22nd of March in the towns of Chenkallady, Vakarai and Batticaloe according to the sources.

The public hearings will cover 56 village level areas(Grama Seva Niladari Divisions) in the district.

The three member commission comprising Mr.Maxwell Parakrama Paranagama(Chairman),Dimingu Badathurage Priyanthi Suranjana Vidyaratne and Mrs.Mano Ramanathan held it's first public sitting in Kilinochchi District of Northern Province on last January.the commission is to submit a report after concluding necessity inquiries and investigations on missing persons.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heavy Traffic In Colombo Due To Protest March

A heavy traffic has been reported from several main roads in Colombo and suburbs this evening following the massive protest march of University Students which headed towards some roads traffic has lasted more than one hour  and commuters have faced severe difficulties due to this it has been reported.

The Police has fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protest march of university students when they tried to clear security gates .

Midwives To Launch A Continuous Strike As Health Ministry Has Approved Midwifery Training For Nurses

The Health Ministry has agreed to give midwifery training to all newly trained nurses annually although government midwives are strongly  opposing it according to Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU)health minister along with several higher officials of Health Ministry last Monday(17) have expressed their willingness to PSNU on allowing  nurses to get midwifery training after finishing their three year training the  union has said.

Under the proposed midwifery training 1350 newly trained nurses belongs to 2009 B Batch will received the training at nursing schools island wide .

Meanwhile The Government Midwives Union President Mrs.Devika Kodithuwakku has said that Midwives will launch an island wide continuous strike as soon as the health ministry has issued a circular on allowing new nurses to get midwifery training.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sri Lanka Granted It's Air Space For Search Operations On Missing Malaysian Flight

The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry has today(18) granted overflight clearance to Malaysian authorities for using special search and rescue air crafts to  search on missing Malaysian Flight MH370 -Boeing 777 which has disappeared without a clue on 08th of March .the Malaysian authorities have earlier requested from local Foreign Ministry's permission  to use Sri Lankan Air Space for search operations on Missing Malaysian Flight carried out  by Air Crafts of Malaysia,Australia ,New Zealand and United States.

Responding to the request made by Malaysian Authorities a P-3 Orion  Anti Submarine Plane belongs to United States  has searched on missing flight in west of the Malaysian Peninsula to roughly Sri Lanka a distance of about 1000 linear miles .

Malaysian Authorities have speed up their search operations on the  missing flight in Indian Ocean and Countries located there after they have found a home made plane simulator created  by  Chief Pilot of the Missing flight Captain Zaharie Ahamad Shah which  had five runaways of Air Ports including Sri Lankan Air Port programmed into  it.

The MH370 Flight  was traveling Kuala Lampur to Beijing when it  disappeared last Saturday from civil radars near  Gulf Of Thailand

Monday, March 17, 2014

Every Month Around 6-18 Quality Failure Drugs Are Wthdrawn From Sri Lankan Hospitals

Every Month around 6 -18 drugs use in Government Hospitals in Sri Lanka  are   withdrawn from hospitals due to quality failure problems  while Countries like Australia withdraw around 6 quality failed  drugs every three years  Professor Senaka Bibile Memorial Organization has said.'this giving us an indication of the status of medicinal drugs imported to Sri Lanka by spending millions of rupees" the organization has stated.

According to the national convener of Professor Senaka Bibile Memorial Organization Dr.Jayantha Bandara around 80% to 90% of drugs imported here are from well known low quality drug manufacturing companies located in Asia .however even there are quality failure problems in imported drugs and a drug shortage almost every year the expenditure for importing drugs to Sri Lanka is on the
increase he has 2010 around Rs.24.5 billion was allocated for importing drugs to the country and in the year 2012 that amount has  risen to Rs.47.5 billion Dr.Bandara has revealed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

North Central Province Doctors To Launch A Token Strike Tomorrow

The government hospital doctors attached to government hospitals in   North Central Province are  to launch a token one day strike tomorrow(17) by demanding a disciplinary action against a public health inspector who has violated the establishment code.doctors attach to government hospitals in North Central Province are due to launch this strike from 8 a.m tomorrow(17) to 8 a.m on Tuesday(18) according to Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA).

The OPD Clinics,routine surgery and treatment performs in hospitals in the province will be affected as a result of this strike GMOA has said.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fraudulent Health Director Has Selected To Represent Sri Lanka In International Seminar

The National Drug Authority Director who is on transfer order and having dozens of fraudulent charges against him has selected by the Health Authorities to represent Sri Lanka on  an international seminar currently  underway  in France on Narcotics .although the sponsors of the seminar the World Health Organization(WHO) has requested the health ministry to select and send the best official who is involved in narcotic field in Sri Lanka the ministry officials have selected the drug authority director who is representing a totally different field  it has been revealed.

The said director has receiving  a daily allowance of US Dollars 350 for a week period  from the Health Ministry during his stay in  France in addition to the allowance received from WHO sources said.

While the selected director has already left France and attending the seminar at present the transfer order to assume his duties as the director of Family Health Bureau has sent and he is not in the country to accept  it sources have revealed.the Public Services Commission (PSC) too rejected the Health Secretary Dr.Nihal Jayathilake's recommendation to appoint the said fraudulent officer for the vacant post of deputy director general of health services(laboratory services) due to his involvement in number of corrupt activities in the health field.

Number Of Toothless Elderly People In Sri Lanka Has Increased

The number of toothless elderly people in Sri Lanka are on the increase according to Dentists.the number of toothless people among the age group of over 60 years are on increase as they are not able to protect their teeth during their younger days it has been revealed.these people are not having a single teeth in their mouth due to bad food habits  dentists have stressed.

To have at least 20 teeth when reaching 60 years of age  young children should protect them since their childhood dentists said.the studies have revealed that the infants born to mothers with bad teeth prone to have bad teeth is five times higher than the infants born to mothers with good teeth.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Government Pharmacists Union Criticised The Way National Drug Policy Has Prepared

The Government Pharmacists Union has charged that Health Ministry has not getting Ideas and suggestions of their union during the preparing of new National Drug Policy Act.the pharmacists union has informed president Mahinda Rajapaksha that although health ministry has earlier promised them that their suggestions and ideas too included in the act procedure was not adapted to do so .

The newly prepared National Drug Policy Act which was presented to President Mahinda Rajapaksha by the health minister few days back has included some unnecessary suggestions made by some ministry officials based on their own personal agendas the pharmacists
union has stated.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Government Hospital Radiographers Have Suspended Their Work To Rule Campaign

The government hospital radiographers have today (12)temporarily suspended their island wide work to rule campaign launched since  last Tuesday(05) by demanding solutions for seven of their service demands the government radiographers union has announced.the trade union action was suspended due to internal matters occurred withing the profession the president of government radiographers union Mr.Darmakeerthi Apa has said.

Gazette Notification Regarding Price Control On Medicinal Drugs Has Issued

The Government has issued a special gazette notification on price control on  medicinal drugs with effect from 04th of March the minister of Trade Minister Johnston Fernando has announced today(12).

The gazette notification 1852/22 was issued regarding price control on drugs the minister has said.according to the minister medicinal drugs too fall under the essential commodities like gas,fuel and milk foods under this gazette notification.addressing a press briefing held today(12) minister johnston fernando has said that the decision on price control of drugs has been taken to prevent drug importers from making exorbitant profits through importing certain drugs.government is planning to introduce the price control mechanism to  locally manufactured drugs too in future he has stressed,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nursing Students Boycotted Their Lectures

All first year and third year nursing students studying at government nurses training colleges have boycotted their classes since  this morning as a protest against the decision of hospital directors to not allow nursing students with midwifery training to enter maternity wards and units in the country.

Around 1352 Nursing Students attach to 18 government nursing training colleges are boycotting the lectures .

Pharmaceutical Chambers Complained To The Health Minister On Bribes In Health Sector

The Pharmaceuticals Chambers has yesterday(10)complained to the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena that the director of National Drug Authority has taking money as bribe from pharmaceutical,cosmetic and child care product companies by falsely labeling them as companies making low quality products.

If the minister not taking any action against the said director the pharmaceutical chamber has no other option then  taking legal action against him the chamber sources said.the director of national drug authority dr.h .beneragama is taking money from pharmaceutical,cosmetic and child care product companies by labeling them as low quality manufacturing companies sources added.

"the director with the help of some officials in health ministry have published false news on these companies and then asking money from them to clear the bad name given to the companies who are facing these accusations give the drug authority director money up to Rs.1 million as a bribe to clear their name "sources have further added.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Around 57,000 Radiography Tests Were Cancelled In Government Hospitals During Last Six Days

Around 57,000 X Ray,C T Scan and MRI Tests scheduled to be performed in Government Hospitals Island Wide were cancelled during last six days due to the ongoing work to rule campaign launched by government radiographers the president of Government Radiographers Union Mr.Darmakeerthi Apa has said.according to Mr.Apa around 9000-10,000 X Ray Tests,3300 CT Scan Tests and 210 MRI Tests scheduled to be performed after 4 p.m in government hospitals were among these cancelled tests.

Due to this situation the awaiting lists for these tests in government hospitals have been extended and thousands of patients are facing enormous difficulties the hospital services revealed.

The government Radiographers are on work to rule campaign since last Tuesday(04) by demanding solutions for seven of their service demands.

Nne Out Of Ten Dengue Mosqitoes Are Spreading Dengue

Out of every 10 dengue mosquitoes 9 are able to spreading dengue among people according to latest findings the  secretary of Health Services Entomology Assistants Union Mr.Najith Sumanasena has said."few years back the situation was for every 10 dengue mosquitoes only 2 are able to spreading the disease under a low environmental  temperature "he has stressed .

But due to the increased environmental temperature prevails now  the activity of dengue mosquitoes too are  increasing he has revealed.however the density of dengue mosquito larvae has decreased in most parts in the island but the danger of spreading the disease still there Mr.Sumanasena has said.

The best way to prevent spreading of Dengue is to destroy dengue mosquito breeding areas in   houses/institutions  and surrounding areas throughout the year he has stressed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Fares Introduced For Kottawa-Kaduwela Outer Circular Express Highway

The fares charge from vehicles using  new Kottawa-Kaduwela  outer circular express highway have been announced today.according to the fares announced light vehicles using outer circular express highway will be charged with Rs.100 and heavy vehicles need to pay Rs.300.

The Public Bus Service in the express highway is due to be launched after the inauguration of newly built Galle-Matara Express High Way on 15th of March according to authorities.

The first phase of Kottawa-Kaduwela outer circular express highway which is 11 kilo meters long
was inaugurated yesterday(08) by president Mahinda Rajapaksha.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sri Lankan Cricketers Won The Asia Cup By Beeting Pakistan

Sri Lanka beet Pakistan by 5 wickets and won the Asia Cup for the fifth time today during the finals played  in Bangladesh.Pakistan who won the toss and elected to bat first managed to reach 260 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in their 50 overs  and in a reply Sri Lankan Cricketers reached the target in 46.2 overs by loosing only 5 wickets.opener Lahiru Thirimanna top scored with 101 runs and Mahela Jayawardena scored 75 runs to anchor Sri Lankan innings.

Fast Bowler Lasith Malinga has taken all the 5 wickets fallen in the Pakistani Innings and finished as highest wicket taker in Asia Cup this year.lahiru thirimanne has received the player  of the series .award.

New Kaduwela-Kottawa Outer Circular High Way Has Inaugurated

The first phase of the new outer circular highway from Kottawa to Kaduwela was inaugurated by President Mahinda Rajapaksha this evening.the 11 kilo meter circular highway was constructed at a cost of Rs.27 billion with the financial assistance from Japan.

Through the new  outer circular highway inaugurated today  it will take only 8 minutes to reach kaduwela from kottawa.the highway is joined to the katunayaka and southern express highways and it compromised with three phases including 8.9 kilo meters long Kaduwela-Kadawatha  and 9.2 kilo meters long kadawatha-kerawalapitiya highways.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Customs Officials Have Arrested 36 Killo Grammes Of Heroin Stored Inside Bolt Nails

The Customs Officials have arrested 36 Killo Grammes Of Heroin stored inside a container at Orugodawatta Container Yard last Thursday(06) night and handed over the stock to Police Narcotics Division for further investigations.the stock of heroin is believed to be worth around Rs.36 million according to sources.

The said stock of heroin was stored inside a  Bolt Nails and  it has found that these nails were faked ones.four person have been arrested in regard of importing this narcotic stock .the customs officials raided Orugodawatta Container yard lat Thursday
following the instructions of International Crime Agency in London.

A Pakistani National is believed to be exported these heroin contained Nail Container to the address of Five Star Hotel In Colombo.the suspected Pakistani National has still not arrested.

Police has been conducting further investigations on the incident.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

562 Election Related Violences Reported From Western And Southern Provinces

A total number of 562 complaints and incidents related to election violence have been reported from western and southern provinces up to now according to election monitoring organization CAFFE(Campaign For Free And Fair Elections). the report issued by CAFFE regarding the election violence's has stated that out of the said number around 538 were complaints against violation of  election laws and 24 were act of  violence's.

 The provincial Council elections for the  Western and Southern Provincial Councils are scheduled to be held on 29th of March.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Draft Resolution Urged Sri Lanka To Investigate On Human Rights Violations Circulated In Geneva

The first draft resolution which urged Sri Lankan government to investigate all attacks by individuals or groups on religious places and  to take steps prevent  such attacks in future was circulated during the first day of 25th session of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva-Switzerland  on Monday.the draft resolution is calling Sri Lankan Government  to conduct independent and credible investigations in to violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law it has been reported.

This resolution was sponsored by United States,United Kingdom,Northern Ireland,Montenegro,Macedonia and Mauritius  Islands titled" promoting reconciliation ,accountability and Human Rights in Sri Lanka" .

Monday, March 3, 2014

Government Hospital Radiographers To Be Launched An Island Wide Work To Rule Campaign

The Radiographers attach to all government hospitals are to be launched an island wide continuous work to rule campaign from tomorrow(04) by demanding solutions for seven of their service demands.due to this trade union action all the radiography tests performs in government hospitals including x ray,C.T Scan and MRI tests will  not be performed in government hospitals  after 4 p.m from tomorrow  the Government Radiography Technologists Union has said.

The extra  radiography tests performs in morning session also will be cancelled during this trade union action the union has stressed.however emergency tests will be performed during the work to rule campaign and  if the authorities failed to meet the radiographers demands by tomorrow they are to be withdrawn from all emergency services with effect from this Wednesday(05) the president of Radiography Technologists Union Daramakeerthi Apa has said.

The Radiographers attach to Maharagama,Cancer,Lady Ridgway Children's ,De Soyza ,Castle Street ,Peradeniya Children's  hospitals will not be participated the said trade union action due to a humanitarian reasons he has stressed.

The seven demands produced by Radiography Technologists Union included the scrapping  the Diploma Training Course of radiographers, increasing the increments of Radiographers and stopping the harassment faced by female radiography technologists .

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Persons Were Arrested In Tamil Nadu While Trying To Smuggle Narcotics To Sri Lanka

Two persons were  arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police while they trying to smuggle over Rs.1 million  worth stock of Hashish Narcotics to Sri Lanka the Press Trust Of India (PTI) news service has reported.

The two suspects were arrested while they riding a motor cycle with a suspicious luggage and when checked the stock of narcotics has found PTI has stated.the investigations have been revealed that these suspects have planned to smuggle the said stock of narcotics to Sri Lanka.suspects were remanded to custody.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Five Indians Were Arrested When Trying To Smuggle one killo gramme of Gold

The Sri Lankan Customs Officials have last night arrested Five Indians who tried to smuggle one killo gramme of gold out of the country at Katunayake International Air Port .the group of Indians have tried to board a plane flying to Southern Indian State of Bangalore at the time of their arrest sources said.

The stock of gold jewelery suspects  have tried to smuggle out of the country are worth around Rs.5 Million . one of the suspected Indians arrested had  wore an unfinished gold  bracelets weighing around 200 grammes sources added.the air port customs are conducting further investigations on the incident.

Four Corona Positives Had Been Reported In The Country Today (07)

Four Corona Positives had been ģđreported in the Country today (07)increasing the total number of Corona positives reported so far to 20...