Friday, February 1, 2013

Medical Administrators Engaged In Private Practice Are In Increase

Around 25 Medical Administrators  are  reported as doing priavte parctice which is prohibited for them through a health ministry circular.a majority of these administrators are from southern province while some are attached to the health department sources added.

Some medical adminsitrators are reported as using their official vehicles for the  private parctice sources further said.

A Large Number Of Medical Officers Not Able To Apply For Annual Transfers ?.

Over 4000 medical officers island wide who are in the annual transfer list issued by the Ministry Of Health are facing severe difficulties due to the short period of time  given to them by  authorities to send applications.usually around  two month period has allocated 10 days are given for sending applications which is not enough at all according to provincial medical officers.

According to Helath Ministry Web Site medical officers entitled to this years's annual transfers should send their filled online applications by today(01) and a copy of that on line applciation should be  posted to the minsitry on or before 06th of February.however it's not possible for all medical officers to send these applications on line during the given period due to the lack of inernet facilities rural areas are having medical officers stressed.

A large number of medical offcers have phoned to the ministry today (01)and criticized the short period of time given to them for applying annual tarnsfers.

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