Monday, August 19, 2013

Interim Order Against Fonterra On Banning Advertising Their Milk Powder Products Extended

The Court Of Appeal has today(19) extended the interim order issued to Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Private Limited from banning advertising their milk powder products in print and electronic media as 100% safe till 02nd of September.the court has previously issued the said interim order  on 08th of August  per a request made by an architect Mr.Saliya Samarasinha through a petition filed by him in the court.the previous interim order issued till 21 st of August.

The petition filed against fonterra company has began it's hearing today before two judge panel compromising chairman of court of appeal skandaraja and malini at law upul jayasuriya who appeared behalf of the plaintiff has said his client will produced documents to courts against fonterra accusing them of contempt of court by not implementing the  interim order .the tests carried out in new zealand on milk powder products produced by them have proved that the products have  contained DCD agro chemical which is harmful for human consumption attorney jayasuriya has said.

The proceedings of the case scheduled to be  resumed on 02nd of September.

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