Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Large Number Of IDP'S In Northern Sri Lanka Suffering From Eye Disorders

A large number of Internal Displaced Persons(IDP'S) in the Camps of Northern Sri Lanka are suffering from Various Kinds of Eye Disorders and some are getting Blind Ministry of Health revealed today.
Majority of these IDP'S who are Suffering from Eye Disorders are adults and they are not able to getting proper treatment from long period of time under the LTTE Regime.
Vision 2020 Programme of the Ministry Of Health is now conducting Special Eye Clinics once in Two Weeks for those who are suffering from Eye Disorders at the Vavuniya and Settikulam Relief Centers.Sri Lankan Eye Specialists Association is assisting them in this regard.

Steps are taken to give Artificial Lenses for those getting Blind and Reading Glasses for the needy a Spokesman of the Ministry Of Health said.The Philanthropists who wished to help these IDP'S in Northern Sri Lanka can contact the Vision-2020 from the Phone Number 11 574 1815(those in abroad should add 0094 infront of that number) to get more details.

United Nations Human Rights Council To Hold A Special Session This Evening On Sri Lanka

United Nations Human Rights Council is due to hold a Special Assembly in 80 Minutes time at their Headquarters in Geneva to pass a Resolution on War Crimes against Sri Lankan Government which they said happened during Fighting against the LTTE Terrorists.
However 18 Member States compromising mainly of Asian Countries out of the 47 Members in the Council are decided to Back Sri Lanka on the Issue.Another 18 Countries mainly from the West are going to vote against Sri Lanka on the Issue and the remaining 11 Countries are not yet decided whom are they going to support.

The 18 Member States who are supporting Sri Lanka includes India,China,Indonesia and Malaysia decided to put forward a Resolution expressing other nations not to Interfere the Internal Issues of Sri Lanka.This Special Session on Sri Lanka is called by the European Union led by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

Meanwhile Human Right Council Member Indonesia accused Western Countries of applying Double Strandards for their Rights Violations Probe against Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan Minister of Dissaster Management Mahinda Samarasinha,Attorney General Mohan Pieris and Special Sri Lankan Delegate in Geneva Dayan Jayathilake representing this Session on Behalf of the Sri Lankan Government.

New China Virus-Cases Triple As Infection Spreads Shanghai To Beijing

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