Thursday, May 22, 2014

Health Secretary And Some Health Ministry Officials Awarded The Cancer Injection Tender To A Highest Bidder Which Having Quality Problems

The Health Secretary Dr Nihal Jayathilake has involved in another tender fraud by handing over the tender for purchasing 1697 vials of Cancer Injections " Protein Bound Paclitaxal "  100 milli grammes to the  drug supplying company which produced the highest bid  instead of awarding the tender to the supplier produced the lowest bid.

According to the reliable sources the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena who has just returned from Geneva ,Switzerland after attending the World Health Assembly had suspended the controversial tender last Wednesday(21)which costs the Health Ministry an extra amount of Rs.3.67 million  when compare with  the lowest bidder.also minister has instructed the director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala to conduct an inquiry   on this tender fraud.

However showing the latest developments of the war between  Health Ministry Officials, the Media Officer attach to the Health Ministry  has issued a press release today (22)stating that the Health Minister has not suspend any Tender Deal on purchasing Cancer Injection Vials.responding to the article published in a local national paper today , the media officer has said that the minister didn't suspend any tender deal .however he fails to provide enough evidence through the release to certify  that the minister himself admitted he has not cancel the tender.also the media officer did not reject that a  fraud has been occurred when handing over the tender to the highest bidder.

According to the Health Ministry Sources both Health Ministry Secretary and the Chairman of National Drug Authority have received Rs.1 Million each as luxurious commissions for handing over the tender to an Indian Drug Company which was selected to award the tender as a highest bidder.the media officer of the Health Ministry too has received commission money to his bank account through these fraud tender deals sources have added.

The samples of cancer injections produced by the said Indian Company too not up to the standard and even not thoroughly checked the sources said."these Health Ministry Officials are trying to play with the lives of thousands of  innocent Cancer Patients in the country for the sake of luxurious benefits they are gain from corrupt drug companies" a spokesman of the health ministry has said.

The Tender to award purchasing of "Paclitaxal Injections to be distributed to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital and other Cancer Units throughout the island was called as an International Tender  by both State Pharmaceuticals Company (SPC)and the Medical Supplies Division(MSD).the lowest bid was produced by an American Company who applied for the tender called by SPC and the quality of the injection samples they have produced are up to the required standard sources revealed,the said company has agreed to supply an injection vial per Rs.19,110 while the highest bidder an Indian Company  selected through the tender called by MSD has produced the price of their injections vials as Rs.38,500 and Rs.45,000.

Allied Health Sciences Degree Students Have Completed 150 Days For Their Protest

The Students attach to the  Faculty of Allied Health Sciences in Peradeniya University have today (22) completed 150 days for their continuous "Satyagraha" protest Campaign conducting   at Galaha Junction,Peradeniya, as a protest to reducing their degree study period from 4 years to 3 years .

As to show their  solidarity to the students   protest campaign a group of nursing officers attach to All Ceylon Nurses Union too joined the students "Satyagrha" today.

Meanwhile A group of  University Students attach to faculties of Allied Health Sciences have filed a human right violations petition before the human rights commission yesterday over the arrest of some of their students last week.

The allied health sciences degree students as well as most of the health trade unions have accused the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) for influencing University Grants Commission(UGC) to reduce the study period of their degr
ee programme to 3years from 4 years.

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