A Female And Her 27 Month Old Daughter Were Killed Due To Motorcycle-Bus Collision

Image result for accidentA 24 year old female and her 27 month old daughter were killed and the father of the deceased daughter was critically injured and hospitalized after the Motorcycle they were traveling colliding with another Motorcycle traveling in same direction and run over by a Private Bus arrived in behind  near Nugawela Depot in Kurunagala-Kandy main road this morning (14).

The three persons in the Motorcycle were critically injured due to the accident and admitted to the Thiththapajjala Hospital in Nugawela where the mother and daughter were pronounced as dead.

The deceased were residents of Ambanpola area and traveling from Kurunagala to Katugasthota area at the time of the incident.

Katugasthota Police have arrested the Bus driver regarding the accident.


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