Friday, May 25, 2018

Nearly 138,300 Persons In 20 Districts Have Been Affected And 17 Died Due To Adverse Weather

Nearly 138,300 persons lives in 20
Districts in the Island so far affected and 17 deaths and one disappearence was occurred due to the Adverse weather conditions according to the Disaster Management Center.

Out of the 17 deaths occurred as  a result of adverse weather 07 were occurred due to lightning ,06 were due to drowning in flood waters ,02 due to fallen trees and another 02 due to soil mound collapse the Center has stated.

Meanwhile 20 sluice gates of Thabbowa Wewa are being opened this morning due to the rising water level caused by heavy showers.

Police ,Residents and Disaster Management Center officials have jointly launched a search operation to find the disappeared police constable of Madampe police who was drifted away due strong flood water waves while attempting to save three flood victims.

Heavy showers still continues in many districts and many roads are being submerged in Kurunagala District due to showers.

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