Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Three Including Two Children Were Killed Due To A Motor Bicycle-Train Collission At A Unprotected Railway Crossing In Kurunagala

Image result for unprotected rail way crossing in sri lanakAs the Gatekeepers of unprotected railway crossings around the country are engaged in strike ,Three Persons including two children were killed today(03) due to a Motor Bicycle they were travelling in collided with a Train at a unprotected railway crossing in Ganewatta,Kurunagala area (North Western Province).

The remains of the victims had been sent to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital for the post mortum according to the Police.

As Gatekeepers of Unprotected Railway Crossings in the country are in strike since last Sunday  the authorities have assigned Police Officers for duty at several unprotected railway crossings in the country it has been reported.

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