Monday, April 29, 2019

Two Persons Attached To Extremist Group "Thawheeth Jamaath"Arrested In Armour Street

Two members of the Extremist Group
"National Thowheeth Jamaath" had been arrested with Five Foreign Passports ,12 Mobile Phones ,A stock of CD's containing ideologies of "Thawheeth Jamaath"group and other equipment in possession at a Flat in Armour street ,Colombo today (29)by the Armour Street police.

Police have also taken in to custody a Tab computer in possession of the suspects.The five passports recovered in possession of the suspects are belonging to two females and three males according to Police.

The raid had been carried out accordance to information received  by the police  regarding the suspects from the people in the area.

The chief suspect of the Easter Sunday bombings Mohommad Zahran Hashim had visited the flat where the suspects have  stayed in  few weeks ago it has been revealed  

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