Thursday, September 27, 2018

Three Youth Arrested Over Posing For And Taking Half Naked Photos At Pidurangala Rock Have Been Remanded

Three youth Arrested yesterday (26) by
the Sigiriya Police  over posing for and taking half naked photographs at Historical Pidurangala rock in Sigiriya had been remanded until 03 Rd of October by the Dambulla Magistrate Court today (27).

The three suspects including two 19 year olds residing in Galewela and one residing in Kurunagala have been produced  before the Dambulla District  court today .

Altogether five suspects have been arrested  over the incident and two were later released after giving evidence by saying they have been strictly opposed over taking half naked photographs at Pidurangala Rock.

The three remained suspects including two who had posed for the half naked photographs and one responsible for taking the photographs have been produced before the court today after recording their statements over the incident.

At the court Dambulla Magistrate Court has informed the Lawyer appeared behalf of the suspects  that the court has no power to grant bail for the suspects as the Case was filed against them under the Archeology Act when the lawyer had  requested bail for their clients .

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